A Campaign to Serve More

For each person we help, we could help more.
For each clinic we support, we could support more.

In 2015, HHI set a record by shipping $134 million dollars worth of medicine & supplies to help people in 45 countries, including the US.  And we did that at 60% of our full strength.

Imagine how many more people will be helped, how many more people will be reached – when HHI’s Operations Hub is running at 100%. Current facility limitations are all that’s holding us back.





The Campaign

We’ve set a goal of $500,000. That is what’s needed to make the infrastructure upgrades critical to expanding our mission to improve communities, help people in crisis and expand access to healthcare.

Vital Upgrades

HVAC – Climate control upgrades will allow for more storage of medicine and increase volunteer engagement.

Sprinklers – Improving fire safety will allow for pallet racks to be stacked higher, increasing the amount of donated product we can move.

Offices – Major improvements will accommodate the expanding operations and warehouse staff.

Security Upgrades – Implementing more safety & security features is critical to protect product and to ensure compliance with product chain of custody.

These and other capital improvements to the Hub will increase by 75% the amount of medicine, hygiene kits, supplies and other critical aid we can provide to those in need.

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