Responding to Irma


The Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is now established on Big Pine Key (Lower Keys), the epicenter of where Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida and now a devastated area. We are the first medical responders to arrive and are now bringing healthcare to residents and those arriving to help with the recovery.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has asked us to work there, and we will be busy for some time, possibly months. No one else is yet delivering medical care to the center of the Keys… we’re it.

Hurricane Irma’s winds and storm surges left the Keys blanketed in downed vegetation, trash and building materials. This debris poses a threat to recovery workers and residents alike. Heart to Heart International is protecting people from this danger by offering free tetanus shots to anyone who needs one.

21751328_10155269797388515_6855655201694613497_nHeart to Heart Story

A 68 year old Gentleman came to clinic with his leg cramping, with concern his potassium was low. Knowing we can actually check his levels and rule out urgent concerns, we drew his blood and used our Abbott iStat. We found the patient’s labs to be normal, but he was just a little dehydrated. He had been out cutting trees with his neighbor in their neighborhood and had not been hydrating. We reviewed his labs and he was quite content to know he was actually normal, and left the mmu thankful for our assistance.



Hurricane Irma Update 9/13/2017

21743730_10155262963563515_7447440053931195786_oWith help from Angel Flight Central, a great organization that assisted us during Katrina, we “airmailed” more people (including our founder, Dr. Gary Morsch) and medicines to Ft. Myers, this morning. Heart to Heart International’s Florida medical team will rendezvous with these additional team members this afternoon.

The Mobile Medical Unit was up and will be seeing patients south of Ft. Myers (in Estero) today and will be Naples area tomorrow. Now active in both Texas and Florida. Haiti response should be active on Thursday. More islands likely to follow.

First team to FloridaHurricane Irma Update 9/6/2017

Heart to Heart International has already started the process to preposition disaster response teams, medical teams, vehicles, and supplies ahead of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma made landfall as a category 4 early afternoon on Sunday, Sept 10th.

“First mobile medical team ready to depart for Florida. Mobile medical unit restocked and loaded with medicine and supplies for victims of Hurricane Irma.  Meanwhile, Heart to Heart International’s Houston response continues working out of Clinics in a Can (Read more on the Hurricane Harvey page). HHI is running at full throttle! Thank you for your support!”

Haiti medical teams that are experienced with Hurricane Matthew are responding after Irma’s bands of rain released rain on northern Haiti.  Cholera is the main concern right now.

Heart to Heart International’s disaster team and Mobile Medical Unit are prepared and were pre-positioned to help as Irma made landfall on early afternoon on Sunday, September 10th.

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