Aid Ships to South Sudan

The aid shipment is on the way, with even more supplies than initially planned! This is all very good news.


If you’ve been following what Heart to Heart has been up to in recent weeks, you may be aware of our efforts to assist one of our partners, the International Medical Corps, in one of the most troubled spots on this globe.

We’re sending several thousand pounds of medical supplies and nearly a dozen Ready Relief Boxes™ to the IMC in South Sudan.  The IMC has been working for years in east-central Africa, long before South Sudan took its independence from The Sudan in July of 2011.  Due to decades of conflict, open warfare, tribal clashes, economic and political issues and food instabilities… there are thousands upon thousands of displaced people in the vast region.  The IMC is on the ground, doing what they can to help meet the medical needs of these populations, and Heart to Heart is doing what we can to help the IMC!

We are sending just under two tons of medicine, medical aid and supplies bundled onto seven pallets bound for Juba, South Sudan. In addition to the nearly four-thousand pounds of aid, we’re adding 10 Ready Relief Boxes™ to the shipment.  The contents of each of these “pharmacies in a box” can treat up to 500 people.

Getting the shipment there isn’t easy.  Sending anything into that region can be difficult.  Fortunately our global partner FedEx is on it.  One of their semis pulled up to the dock of our Global Distribution Center and we filled it up!  Next stop for the aid… halfway around the world.


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