HHI To Send Medical Aid to South Sudan

courtesy International Medical Corps

While issues plaguing east-central Africa have become a recent hot topic on social media, Heart to Heart International has long been aware of the needs, and has worked, in that part of the world. So has one of our great partners, the International Medical Corps (IMC).

Heart to Heart is currently working with IMC to provide more than one ton of humanitarian medical aid and supplies to support IMC’s continuing efforts in one of the most troubled areas on the globe. That is a lot of needed medicine for an initial shipment!

Here is a brief, even simplistic, synopsis of what is happening in the region:  South Sudan is a new country.  It gained independence in July 2011 following a half-century of warfare between the North and the South, and between and involving many other groups. This created vast numbers of refugees.  Independence has also brought about a large number of ‘returnees’, people moving into South Sudan. Renewed and continued fighting, political/economic issues, border clashes, along with large populations on the move… all of this has created an environment where people are in need.

The International Medical Corps has operated in Sudan & now South Sudan for years and is currently serving hundreds of thousands of refugees, returnees and other vulnerable populations in both rural and urban areas, working to improve not just primary medical care, but long-term health as well.

We here at Heart to Heart are proud to partner with such a fine group that mirrors our own mission to improve global health.


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