Arriving In Honduras

We have arrived! By we, I mean myself and Emma Spong, Heart to Heart’s very own Ready Relief Box Specialist.

We’ve already been on the ground two days and have done quite a bit with our hosts Global Brigades, but let’s take it back to Friday’s journey to get here…

We arrived in Tegucigalpa, Honduras around one o’clock local time, following a seven hour journey beginning very early in Kansas City.  Now, if you haven’t heard, the Tegucigalpa airport is considered the second most dangerous airport on this globe.  Reason being, planes must closely navigate the mountains surrounding the city and thread-the-needle to make a landing at Toncontin International Airport on the short runway in the middle of a busy city.  There’s no room for error.  Looking out the window with the ground just feet away, people and buildings and traffic all very close… quite the experience.  Just look how close those children are in the photo.

All went very well and representatives of Global Brigades took us to the group’s headquarters where we met the group’s Executive Director Quique Rodriguez, toured their facility, and learned a bit more about their operations here in Honduras.


After an excellent lunch we loaded a pickup truck with our gear and the Ready Relief Box and were on our way to GB’s main compound. It’s supposed to take an hour, but thanks to the hustle and bustle and jam packed streets of Tegucigalpa, it took quite a bit longer.

The place we were heading is a compound called Rapaco.  It was worth the traffic hassles. It’s an old ranch, or hacienda, out in the country about a hour’s drive east of the city.  There we tucked into some amazing food and then tucked in for the night.  We needed the good night’s rest, for the next day was another adventure.

We’re awaiting the arrival of GB’s Medical Brigades.  A handful will arrive this week and they’ll be using the Ready Relief Boxes.  So we took a tour Saturday and visited some communities to check out Global Brigade’s other field operations. We took in clinics, met with community health providers, hiked up and down a mountain, and got our hands dirty digging a water pipe trench.

And the airplane ride into the country… that was nothing compared with the high mountain roads we traveled to reach these places. That is for the next blog post…


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