Community Healthcare Volunteer Training

Community Healthcare Volunteer (CHV) Training is a critical component of the Fotabong Volunteer Service Trip (VST). Twenty-two women from the community were trained on a variety of topics, including: WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Support of Pregnant Women, and Childhood Health and Illness (Kangaroo Mother Care, Breastfeeding, Nutrition, Common Childhood Illnesses, and Immunization).  The goal for the Community Healthcare Volunteers is to provide health promotion and health education services to clearly defined areas near their homes.  At the same time, they will encourage and facilitate timely access to hospital services.

The training received through the BD VST provides recognition and credibility for these women within their community. This allows them to assume the role of trainers in health education within their assigned areas, as they build relationships and teach a variety of health-related topics.  They are reaching out to families who have previously not utilized or have under-utilized hospital services.  This benefits the community by improving the overall level of health, hygiene and knowledge, as well as increasing patient flow to the hospital when appropriate.