First VST Deployment

In February 2017, the first VST team deployed to Fotabong.  The team consisted of several volunteer groups, including:

  • Construction – The focus of this team was to work in collaboration with an in-country construction team on larger projects, as well as to complete projects of their own, such as updating plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Community Healthcare Volunteer Trainers – This team provided training to a cadre of pre-selected women from the community on topics ranging from nutrition and immunizations to support of pregnant women and childhood health and illness.
  • Laboratory – This volunteer worked in a mentoring and coaching role with the laboratory staff, assisting with inventory management, quality management and process workflow.
  • Business Administration – This volunteer worked with hospital administration, coaching them on leadership and management skills and providing guidance in financial planning and data management.
  • Volunteer Logistics Coordinator – This volunteer worked with the HHI staff and entire volunteer team to ensure everyone had what they needed to successfully complete their goals while in-country. This volunteer was instrumental in working with the construction company on project management and with the community on planning community day.
  • Communications – The focus of this team was to capture photos and videos to help document the project in Fotabong, as well as tell the story of the project and its effect on the community. This team was essential to the documentation of the VST team and their work while in country.

Additionally, some major capital expenditures were included in Year One, such as an ambulance for the hospital and a generator to provide a reliable backup electrical supply.