Original Facility

New Roof

One of the most noticeable changes during year one of the Hope for Health project was the completion of a new roof on the original facility. The old roof was leaking, causing damage to the building infrastructure and therefore was completely removed and replaced with a higher pitch to allow for better heating and cooling effects in the building. New gutters were attached and a porch was added to the front of the hospital to allow for patients to be outside, but protected from sun and rain. Inside the hospital, all ceilings were replaced with new wood and painted white.



The Construction team completely rewired the original facility and installed a new and compliant electrical box. Each room was set up for the installation of overhead lights and all electrical sockets were changed and updated to allow the correct currents to run into each room and for easy access to electricity.  The generator was then connected to the original facility, providing electricity when needed.



The laboratory saw one of the biggest renovations during the teams visit. The old tile was stripped and replaced with new tile covering the walls, a new counter was built including two sinks, plumbing was added to allow for running water into the laboratory, electrical outlets were installed for easy access on the counter and a new overhead light was installed. The final touch was a coat of new paint on the walls and ceiling. During the community day celebration, the laboratory was officially opened and presented to the community with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.


Operating Theater

The operating room had significant damage from standing water. A hole was drilled into the floor to allow the water to escape the room. Once the room was fully drained and all water removed, new tile was placed on the walls and a stand to hold the sterilizer was constructed and hooked up to the electricity supply. A new overhead light was also installed along with additional electrical outlets. After a fresh coat of paint on the new ceiling and walls was applied, the team deep cleaned the room so it would be ready for use.



Delivery Room

Deliveries are one of the main services provided by the hospital. The delivery room was not in condition to safely provide a successful delivery of new born babies. Holes were drilled into the floor to allow for the standing water to be drained before additional updates were carried out. Once the room was cleared out, the tile on the walls was replaced, a fresh coat of paint was added to the walls and ceiling, electricity was run into the room and a new ceiling light was installed. HHI hopes to provide new delivery beds, which are desperately needed over the next year of the Hope for Health project.



The original facility was not hooked up to a water source and therefore the pipes and plumbing installed had deteriorated over the years. New sinks and pipes were installed throughout the original facility. Once the water supply is steady, pipes will be tested to make sure there are no leaks which can cause damage to the facility.