Celebrating 2018 Nurses Week: Annie Borden

Heart to Heart International could not function without dedicated volunteers in all aspects of our organization. In honor of National Nurses Week, we are highlighting a few of our amazing nurses who have volunteered or worked with HHI, bringing help and hope to those in need.

While Annie Borden has volunteered for other disaster responses internationally, her work volunteering for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston was “especially poignant” since it was stateside.

Originally a volunteer with Project Hope, Borden came to work with Heart to Heart International in Houston as part of a partnership between the two organizations. She ran the “Clinic in a Can” in Katy, Texas, providing vaccinations to people after Harvey.

“In addition to being an excellent nurse, Anne was the team morale officer. She made t-shirts for the group and sent care packages even after she left,” Heather Lee, disaster response coordinator at Heart to Heart International, said.

Sweaty hugs and smiles were some of her most memorable moments from volunteering, and she thought the gratitude and appreciation she received as a volunteer was incredible.

Nursing is just one piece of the medical disaster response puzzle, though, she said. “A medical response takes a team, and everyone is valuable and critical to the mission.”

Borden doesn’t hesitate to say that she would absolutely volunteer again.

“I worked with some exceptionally dedicated and talented volunteers,” Borden said. “HHI is a wonderful organization, very well supported, well respected in the community. It’s impressive!”

Borden currently works at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, Mass., on the Surgical Trauma Service and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in the emergency room.

Thank you, Annie, for all your work for Heart to Heart International and for people in need around the world!


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