Continued Service For Henryville

Another day has passed for Heart to Heart on the ground in Henryville, Indiana and we saw more people seek out medical aid from the Mobile Medical Unit.  The MMU has become the town’s First Aid Station where residents and responders and volunteers come for a variety of medical needs and mostly they come for a tetanus shot.

The doses were provided by the Joplin Community Clinic as a way to pay it forward from one town that suffered much to another.  And the generosity has impressed many in this small southern Indiana town. One young man named Justin stopped by for a vaccination. He was off to assist his neighbors clean up and wanted to be protected in case he suffered a cut or stepped on the many nails and screws amongst the debris.  Astonishingly, his home was knocked off the foundation and ripped in half, yet he was out helping his neighbors first, because he said, they were worse off.


There are several people whose homes are in dire shape, or simply do not exist as any type of home at all.  I took some time to walk though the center of town, documenting the damage.  What I saw, beyond the ruined houses, was a beehive of activity.  Residents sifted through broken belongings, volunteers chopped down broken trees and did myriad jobs. There is so much to be done.



We’ll have more photos and info from Heart to Heart’s efforts in Henryville soon.  Plus ways you can continue to support tornado relief around the country.


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