Volunteers Needed!

Heart to Heart International deploying medical professionals for COVID-19

Heart to Heart International (HHI) has activated its volunteer roster of healthcare professionals and is working with International Medical Corps to provide medical surge capacity to hospitals around the country to fill critical gaps in patient care, nursing, and infection prevention and control.

Please continue reading to learn more and sign up.

Areas of the country dealing with large COVID-19 outbreaks are facing challenges with the capacity of their healthcare systems. HHI is working with International Medical Corps, COVID Care Force, and other organizations to deploy volunteer healthcare professionals to hospitals in need of support. Deployments have gone to New York and Chicago and will include other cities as the pandemic continues.

This will be unlike a standard HHI deployment. HHI/International Medical Corps will act as a link between volunteers and hospitals. There will not be a HHI or International Medical Corps staff on-site as individuals will be working directly with local hospitals. Similarly, it is unlikely volunteers would be placed with other HHI or International Medical Corps volunteers. We would be referring you to hospitals with the most urgent needs.

Please see the details below as you consider this deployment.


  • Volunteers must be available for a 10-14 day shift at a hospital
  • Please note, you will be requested to self-isolate for 2 weeks post deployment
  • People are needed as soon as possible for the foreseeable future

Risk Considerations:

  • Please review the CDC’s guidance for those who are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19
  • Volunteers must have their own health insurance coverage
  • Hospitals will provide their own guidance for PPE 
  • Volunteers will be added to the hospital’s malpractice coverage
  • The current situation in New York is dire, the deployment will be stressful. Please consider not only your physical, but also your mental ability to participate.

Scope of Practice:

  • Paramedics, RNs, NPs, PAs, MDs and DOs are all able to be deployed
  • The situation is fast-paced and ever-changing, the needs of hospitals evolve daily. Volunteers may provide initial medical assessments, surge support, work directly in a COVID-19 unit, Emergency Department, etc.


  • Flights and lodging will be provided by International Medical Corps
  • A per diem for food and other incidental expenses will also be provided at the close of the deployment

Please notify us of your interest by completing this form: COVID-19 Deployment Form. You will then be contacted regarding required paperwork.