Breaking the Chain of Transmission

COVID-19: Infection prevention and control for your workplace

Heart to Heart International has been responding to disasters in locations throughout the globe since 1992. Now, in addition those efforts, Heart to Heart International is protecting and saving lives in a new location: your workplace. With physicians, infectious disease experts and healthcare specialist on staff, the global humanitarian relief organization has responded to the COVID-19 crisis with a brand new online training program specifically designed to educate and mitigate the risk of the pandemic.

The new training class was established for all businesses, organizations and community groups. Titled Breaking the Chain of Transmission, the two-hour live online training session will help groups learn:

  • the true facts associated with COVID-19
  • how to properly mitigate transmission at home, in public and at work
  • a process for how to operate in a post-coronavirus environment

The 5 W’s of the virtual infection prevention and control training:

WHO will benefit? We understand that coronavirus has affected everyone and sorting through the misinformation can be difficult. That’s why this training is aimed at any organization that is thinking about what their workplace and/or operations should look like now that the world is experiencing a global pandemic. The online class is offered for groups of up to 25 and is applicable for all types of corporations, small businesses and nonprofits. 

WHAT is it? The training focuses on what you need to know about COVID-19 and how to mitigate risks using appropriate infection prevention and control measures.

WHERE is it? All sessions are conducted virtually using the Zoom platform.

WHEN is it? Training sessions are customized for each organization and scheduled at an appropriate time that fits your group’s schedule. Heart to Heart has a team of trained experts who can work with your organizer to tailor the training specifically for your group.

WHY participate? This training will help equip your organization with the information you need to keep your staff and others safe in this new COVID-19 world.


For-Profit Organizations – There is a nominal fee associated with this exclusive two-hour, live training course which includes customized programming, interactive learning assessments, materials and resources, a question-and-answer session and ongoing follow-up with a trained expert. Costs are established based on a group’s size and needs. For an estimate and more information, please email Heart to Heart International training organizers at

Nonprofit Organizations
 – Heart to Heart International was able to secure funding to support training specific for nonprofit organizations. Thanks to Abbvie Inc., Intouch Solutions, Novartis US Foundation, and Wells Fargo for their support. 


COVID-19 is a new subject and not a workplace training that can be overlooked. Organizations need to know how to prepare their workplaces for employees to return safely so that they can interact with others. And every organization needs the confidence to establish a first-of-its kind infection prevention and control plan and procedures with knowledgeable associates who understand the facts and can implement, update and maintain it.

Here’s a list of a few of the specific benefits of our new online COVID-19 infection prevention and control training:

  • Participants will receive interactive learning assessments throughout the training
  • The training is customized for each group
  • Because it’s live, participants can ask questions and get feedback
  • The training is offered free to nonprofit organizations
  • All data and guidance is based on the latest information from the WHO and the CDC 


Heart to Heart International (HHI) has extensive experience responding to infectious disease disasters throughout the world including the West Africa ebola outbreak and the Haiti cholera outbreak. Most recently, HHI was asked by the World Health Organization to deploy a team of experts to the Marshall Islands to work with the government on its COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures. This information and expertise was used to develop the curriculum for the training along with the most updated guidance from the WHO and the Centers of Disease Control. The training continues to be updated with new information as it is released throughout the pandemic.

“Information is power, and not only do we feel more secure in our work, but we can now effectively update our procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible. We will also use this training to educate the many volunteers, clients and partners we have working with us nearly every single day knowing the information is solid and factual because it comes from Heart to Heart.”                      

– Jill Gaikowski, Executive Director, HappyBottoms Founder