Celebrating mothers as community outreach in Puerto Rico

Following Heart to Heart International’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, we began working with community organizations in developing sustainable programs to rebuild communities and improve health.

Cossao is one of the community organizations we support in Utuado. They recently held a “Belleza con Proposito” (Beauty with Purpose) activity designed for local mothers in the community. Volunteers gave hair cuts and manicures while the mothers listened to presentations from the Community Health Promoters and students from the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico. Topics included self esteem, and myths and realities of medicine and health care.

The goals of the program include strengthening relationships between mothers in the communities, developing their knowledge of health issues, and increasing their awareness of community resources available to them and their families. 

“Our objective was to give these mothers time away from their daily stressful lives where they could enjoy and reflect on how important they are for their families and the communities – A place to be reminded of their beauty, inside and out, no matter their circumstances.”

– Manuel Heredia, the organizer of the event.

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