Hike with Heart Trail Post – Going Up Mt. Baden-Powell

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The Weather Wins Again
May 14, 2015

Nathaniel Farmer: Since Big Bear we’ve hiked over 100 miles just past Wrightwood, California to mile 386.5 before getting beaten back to town by a nice snow/ice/sleet combo.  Hopefully this is the last time we have to deal with frigid temps and precipitation until the Sierra’s. Don’t believe the lies when people say weather in Southern California is nice. Hah!

Snow on groundThis weather is a bummer because now I feel like I’m in a good groove.  My body is used to hiking 20+ miles a day and I know how much I need to eat now.  Between Big Bear and Wrightwood there’s a McDonald’s where I ordered 4 separate times within our 3 hour siesta.  I’ve never been more happy to eat fast food!

We were only in Wrightwood for a few hours before heading out and up Mount Baden-Powell (three pics below).  Going up Baden-Powell made for the most fun day on the trail yet.

old tree mt baden powellAtop Mt Baden Powell with pantssunset Mt Baden PowellThis morning we sat through a 25 minute hitch in the back of a pickup in a snow storm.  When we got back to town my legs and hands weren’t working properly on the account of being frozen slabs of meat.  They’re calling for precipitation tomorrow as well, I may waterproof up and head out.  I should be able to make it through just 24 hours of wet and cold.  Would be nice to find another hot spring (pic below).

hot springs

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