Goodwill Airlift to Vietnam

– 1995 –

Heart to Heart enlists volunteers and sponsors to deliver a message of hope and peace to the Vietnamese people. This project launches our partnership with FedEx, whose MD-11 is the first American plane to land in Hanoi since the end of the Southeast Asian conflict and the project is instrumental in improving relations between the two countries.

Heart to Heart530The medicines were delivered to clinics, hospitals and critical care facilities in the country. Facilities such as a prosthesis rehabilitation center near Ho Chi Minh City, funded by the U.S. government, were also recommended to receive aid. Of particular interest to Heart to Heart International were the women and children in rural regions and impoverished urban areas who lack the most basic medical care. This international project was designed to help American and Vietnamese people better understand and respond to each other’s needs.

In fact, the April airlift will coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the end of the war between our countries. Many Vietnam veterans were already committed to this project and see the airlift as a means of healing far beyond the physical.

Airlift of 45 tons of pharmaceuticals, prosthetics, medical supplies and equipment. Valued at $7 Million.

Recipients: 11 hospitals in and around Hanoi and Ho Chi Min.