Haiti Earthquake

 – 2010 –

On January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake rocked Haiti. Heart to Heart International initially responded—and eventually, decided to stay. Consequently, HHI continues to serve the island nation with services in Leogane near the quake’s epicenter and throughout the remote Southeast (Sud-Est) region.

We hire, train and care for Haitians. We collaborate closely with the Haitian government and the people. We do not impose our vision, but rather consult with the communities we serve to determine their needs. HHI helps community leaders form federations, local leadership groups, to help resolve local problems.

In Haitian Creole, “Kore Fanmi” translates to “family support.” A pilot collaboration between HHI, UNICEF and the Haitian government, this three-part program addresses problems in the remote and mountainous Sud-Est. HHI also employs Haitian doctors, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians in all our clinics. The Haitian government mandates that all patients pay what they can. The point is to break the cycle of dependence.

HHI also trains community health workers to provide WASH education. In order to teach community members that clean water saves lives, this small army provides disinfectants and sets up hand-washing stations.