Operation Ebola

– 2014 –

When an advance team returned from a fact-finding trip to Liberia in September 2014, Heart to Heart International was faced with a decision: stand on the sidelines or get directly involved in fighting the spread of Ebola in West Africa. HHI chose the latter.

With funding from USAID, along with corporate and individual donors supporting operations with monetary gifts and product, the Tappita District Ebola Treatment Unit opened to respond to outbreaks in the region and to provide care for those suffering from the Ebola virus. Our Liberian team of more than 100 medical and support staff and 30 clinicians from the U.S. and other countries united to respond to one of the world’s greatest health emergencies.

Besides providing Ebola patient care, HHI also trained administrators and teachers in the Tappita school district in safe hygiene practices. Also, a psychosocial team recruited local volunteers to continue to raise awareness about the spread of Ebola and to promote best hygiene practices among their neighbors.