Hurricane Dorian Volunteer Opportunities

Hurricane Dorian produced massive flooding, dangerous storm surges and tornado-strength winds, causing devastation in two different countries. Heart to Heart International has disaster response teams in the U.S. and the Bahamas, working to provide care to people affected by this storm.

Want to build hygiene kits to help with disaster relief?

Hygiene kits are a vital part of every HHI disaster response. They provide the basic supplies to meet the needs of people who have been impacted by a crisis or disaster.

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Want to deploy on a future disaster response?

When a major disaster strikes, HHI deploys a team of highly qualified responders equipped to rapidly respond as a self-contained emergency medical team.

The Disaster Response Team (DRT) works in disaster zones to provide medical care, including triage, first aid, stabilization and referral of severe trauma, as well as basic emergency care of pediatrics, obstetrics and mental health needs. The DRT includes logistics and communications specialists because when backed by top-notch support, DRT members can focus on the task at hand – helping the survivors of a disaster.

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