KC Games for Good

Heart to Heart International’s fearless team faced down competitors on October 5, 2019, in KC Games for Good, a city-wide event intended to “showcase and celebrate service to our community… and organizations that deliver it.” This family-friendly event is organized by the Kansas City Plaza Rotary Club and includes exhibit areas, team competitions and other entertainment. The team competed in five events, including the Rubber Duck Slingshot Catch, Inflatable Obstacle Course, Blindfold PB&J Eating, Adult Tricycle Race, and the Mechanical Bull.

For the PB&J Challenge – Our chief medical officer went for a new tactic to attempt to save time, he decided to eschew cutlery and don gloves from our conveniently parked MMU to slather on the PB&J and then feed it to Charles H. Did we mention that Charles is our newest employee and had been here only 2 weeks? We promise, this is not the standard welcome to Heart to Heart International. While the attempt made the rest of the team double over in laughter, it did not raise our place in the standings.

Charles M. decided to take a detour on his tricycle ride. While the ride was supposed to follow a set of cones straight out and back, Charles apparently thought we might get extra points for the farthest out of the way ride. No amount of laughter or cries of “where are you going?” could bring him back. He blames the faulty handlebars, but we’re not sure we’re buying it.

Each team member took a turn riding the mechanical bull, and after the rain that had been falling all day, the mat ended up being a little bit like a swimming pool. So, not only were you thrown off, but you were thrown into a pool of cold water. Tracey, our disaster response intern, got bragging rights when she stayed on the bull for the longest time the whole day.

While our team put up a tremendous effort, alas, they fell just slightly short of the ultimate prize of $3,000 for HHI. They fought valiantly, and the organizers took pity on us and let us take a photo holding the trophies.

The team had a great time showing KC what HHI is all about, plus both Sluggr and KC Wolf got tours of the MMU!

We will be back next year, ready to take on the competition and bring home a trophy instead of just holding it for pictures!

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