PHIA Fellowship Program


PHIA has a number of projects currently underway that are funded with monies awarded by the CDC through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).  HHI was asked to collaborate alongside IRESSEF as implementing partners on the PHIA project, performing a number of functions to move projects forward in an efficient and streamlined manner.

The Project:

Malaria Community  Health Worker - Kita - Mali 2013The focus of this program is to deploy fellows in numerous African nations, collecting data to assess the impact of HIV in the areas of their study. The fellows will work with technical specialists from CDC. The goal is to collaboratively develop and implement a fellowship program that will help address immediate Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (PHIA) needs in seven initial countries.

The Details:

Initial rollout: 20 fellows in seven countries – Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Swaziland, Lesotho.

HHI provides support for screening applicants, setup of orientation and initial training, and management of financial and reporting functions. The initial training is technical in nature, provided by CDC staff.

Several months after deployment, a second non-technical training will be provided. This training will be managed by HHI and focus on such topics as leadership and management skills, team-building, emotional intelligence, etc.


Armande_SanouIn addition to the primary goal of HIV Impact Assessment stated above, there are other objectives with regard to the Fellow participants.  This program should be a “win” for them, so that they take back something of value and leave with knowledge that will help them in their careers.  With the training provided during the program, fellows should be able to:

  • Write an abstract and manuscript describing their work
  • Develop workflows and write a protocol
  • Understand the ethics of science
  • Know how to do a scientific presentation
  • Understand how to review a scientific paper
  • Learn to think like a scientist

Heart to Heart is excited to embark on this new partnership with CDC and IRESSEF, expanding into new areas that still align with our mission of increasing access to healthcare by working with partners committed to decreasing the burden of HIV in Africa.