Responding to Hurricane Sandy…

This is a quick post, to update everyone in the Heart to Heart world on what we’re doing in response to Hurricane Sandy.
The hurricane is over, but the storm continues to churn, affecting so many across a large part of this country.

Currently, supplies, volunteers and HHI staff are converging from three sides, to bring relief and medical aid to those in need along the Eastern Seaboard.

Our Program Director began driving south from New England, where she was attending a conference, as the storm was pounding the Mid-Atlantic.  She’s leading our relief efforts and happened to be near as Sandy threatened.

Yours truly flew to North Carolina to bypass the storm, and is now heading north. And surprisingly, it’s quite cold down here, windy too.  Shows how large of a footprint Sandy has.  Cold clouds still linger.
And volunteers with the Mobile Medical Unit left Kansas City as the storm raged, and is now crossing Pennsylvania after dealing with both rain and snow.

We are communicating with numerous folks involved in the relief effort in the region, from state-level to local partners, and are working with them to determine where Heart to Heart can do the most good upon arrival.

Look for more updates soon here, and on Facebook & Twitter.


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