Typhoon Disaster Aid Reaches Children in the Philippines

In the wake of Super Typhoon Koppu (Lando) tearing through the Philippines in mid-October 2015 – Heart to Heart International provided relief aid and supplies to those who weathered the storm.  These pre-positioned supplies ensured a quick response in the hours after the storm had done its worst.

Care Kits PH 9

Typhoon Koppu, called Lando in the Phillipines, came ashore on the northern island of Luzon, October 18, 2015, packing winds of 115 miles per hour.  The storm dropped torrential rain as it slowed and lingered over Luzon causing mudslides and flash floods, washing away crops and overflowing rivers. Thousands were forced to flee to shelter, and lingering problems due to flooding remain.

The Philippines are one of the most natural disaster-prone locations on the planet.  Each year, dozens of tropical systems, including several typhoons (hurricanes), strike the Pacific island nation.  Some of these storms are devastating, like Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in late 2013 which prompted HHI’s largest disaster response to date.

Care Kits PH 19

During times of disaster, through generous support from FedEx, HHI is able to mobilize disaster response teams with the equipment they need for providing aid in crisis zones. This longterm partnership allows for HHI to ship tons of aid directly to those who need it most.  It’s critical to HHI’s ability to respond to help people in crisis.

The HHI Care Kits seen in these photos are in the hands of children due to a combination of support and partnership.  Working with FedEx, HHI prepositioned 5,000 Care Kits in the Philippines with our partner Convoy of Hope, a humanitarian organization.  Following the storm, these kits were then distributed by their disaster teams to children, families, and indviduals in several communities affected by Typhoon Koppu (Lando).

Care Kits PH 3


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Relief Supplies for Vanuatu

The people of Vanuatu are still in great need.  Cyclone Pam left a path of destruction across the south Pacific island nation and Heart to Heart International is helping.  Our assessment team is in Vanuatu coordinating this relief effort.

vanuatu shipment 2

As part of the relief effort, we’re sending more than 2,000 Heart to Heart Care Kits (above) – individual hygiene kits that serve as the front line of health defense.  This shipment is all packaged up and ready to depart our Operations Hub and we’re working on lining up more pallets of aid and supplies to rush to the people in Vanuatu.

These specific Care Kits were recently assembled on Valentine’s Day during a Share Your Heart event held by the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.  Hundreds of people turned out for this one-day build, assembling 10,000 Care Kits.

Now they’re on the way to help people in need on the other side of the world.

vanuatu shipment 1




Sharing Hearts, Building Care Kits

On Valentine’s Day 2015, about 1,400 people pitched in to build 10,000 Heart to Heart Care Kits over the course of six hours using assembly line precision.

COR Care Kits 21

The Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas has been a strong supporter of Heart to Heart International’s programs, especially in Haiti, and during its Share Your Heart event on Valentine’s Day, took on a massive one-time Care Kit build.  Not only did they build 10K kits, the church community donated all of the materials to make them!

Scroll to see pictures and see even more by visiting our Flickr album of the event.

COR Care Kits 6

COR Care Kits 1

COR Care Kits 7

COR Care Kits 13

COR Care Kits 14

See more pics by visiting our Flickr page.



Mapping Relief in the Philippines

Central PI MapFor more than a month Heart to Heart International (HHI) has provided aid to the people of the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).  First with an HHI Advance Team, and then with two dozen medical volunteers – doctors and nurses – who have come from across the USA, and have worked as small mobile medical teams.

They’ve been to numerous locations in the hardest struck areas of the central Philippines.  Places that you’ve heard of on the news, and other places you haven’t.  As you see on the map above, they’ve been focused on communities and villages on two islands – Leyte & Samar; around Ormoc City; and Tacloban, the city ravaged by the typhoon.

Treating PatientsOur Advance Team and these volunteers have treated more than 2,000 patients since arriving in the Philippines.

Dan Neal, HHI’s Director of Global Logistics, just returned stateside from the disaster zone: “We’re seeing people who were injured in the storm or have who have developed injuries/illnesses because of the living conditions after the storm – particularly upper respiratory issues and asthma, puncture wounds and cuts from nails and sheet metal, and malaria from being exposed to mosquitos.  We are also seeing many of the conditions being treated did not result from the storm.  Various chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes were impacting people before the storm and now their normal access to health care has been disrupted because the clinic is destroyed or the health care staff are not available.”

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And to read reports from our Advance Team click Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

Aid Reaches Those in Need in the Philippines

Ray & Zeus feature size 16:9While many spent the long Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. with family and friends, and getting into the swing of the holiday season, in the Philippines… HHI staff and volunteers continued to provide medical care and deliver aid to those in need, like Ray and his son Zeus in the photo above.

As of this writing, it’s been nearly a month since Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) struck the central Philippines.  In that time Heart to Heart International’s Advance Team and medical volunteers have held clinics in several locations in the typhoon zone on Leyte Island and Samar Island, seeing hundreds of patients for a variety of ailments.

As we wrote about in a previous post, we’ve also shipped more than 44 tons of aid containing food, shelter supplies, medicine, medical equipment and Heart to Heart Care Kits.  Those Care Kits are now in the hands of the people who need them.  Check out a few photos of what you made happen!



Philippines Aid Rolls Out

CoH_first_shipment10One of the first shipments since Haiyan/Yolanda tore through the Philippines has now left our Global Distribution Center.  Heart to Heart Care Kits – 3,000+ pounds worth – were put on pallets, wrapped up and loaded onto a FedEx truck.  Check out more pics below…

Destination:  Convoy of Hope, one of our trusted partner organizations with personnel on the ground in the Philippines.  Once the shipment arrives in the Philippines, the Care Kits will be distributed to those in need.

This is just one of many shipments that will roll out of our GDC in the coming weeks and months to several different organizations who are working with us in the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda relief effort.

You can help with this effort.  Donate now to help continue our relief effort and to help HHI prepare for disasters like Haiyan/Yolanda.

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More Aid for The Philippines

Haiyan by Satellite


The Philippines have been getting hammered this storm season with more than two dozen tropical storm systems, including four cyclones, of which the latest – Super Typhoon Haiyan – may be the biggest and strongest storm recorded on earth.

For the past several months, Heart to Heart International has shipped aid, medicine and supplies to partners in the Philippines, like Hope Worldwide & Convoy of Hope, who then distribute the aid where needed.  Of course, our friends on the ground asked for more assistance even before Haiyan made landfall.  Rest assured – more aid is on the way!

J&J Hygiene KitsInside our Global Distribution Center, relief supplies are prepped for shipping.  Pallets of Heart to Heart Care Kits, along with J&J Hygiene Kits are stacked ready for to go.

Also, volunteers have been busy building more of our Care Kits that will help resupply our dwindling stock.  On the same day Haiyan struck the Philippines, a group of volunteers from Sanofi were at the GDC busy building hundreds of our Care Kits.

We’re very grateful for volunteers like the folks above for helping us to not just be prepared, but to help HHI respond to those in need – like the folks suffering in the Philippines from yet another massive storm.



Heart to Heart Sends Aid to Philippines

Typhoon BophaEarly December 2012, Typhoon Bopha (locally Pablo) made landfall on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao as a Category 5 super typhoon.  It was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the island in recorded history, with wind gusts of 160 mph (260 km/h).

courtesy: Philippine Daily Inquirer/ Mariane Bermudez

courtesy: Philippine Daily Inquirer/ Mariane Bermudez

The storm laid a path of destruction.  Mudslides, torrential rain, winds flattened villages, floods washed away homes and people, thousands were made homeless by the damage or destruction of 200,000+ homes.

At last tally, the death toll stands at 1,067 with a further 834 people reported missing. There are still 7,524 people staying in evacuation centers, while 835,934 displaced people are seeking shelter elsewhere. (OCHA, 15 Jan 2012)

Typhoon Bopha/Pablo was devastating, to say the least.  The Philippines government and the United Nations has put out the call for more aid — And Heart to Heart is responding!

We have already shipped seven pallets of Heart to Heart Care Kits via FedEx Express. They’re headed to our partners the International Medical Corps (IMC) and the Asia America Initiative.
Loading PalletsThe Care Kits travel first from Kansas City to Los Angeles, then to Manila and from there south to Davao City on the island of Mindanao for distribution to those in need.

And we have more on the way. Heart to Heart is readying another shipment of Care Kits bound for another partner in Manila.


“Best of 2012” Groupon Campaign

Groupon & HHIYou may recall back in May 2012, the deal-of-the-day website Groupon featured HHI and our Care Kits as part of their Daily Deals.
Well, the campaign went so well, Groupon has chosen Heart to Heart to be a part of their “Best of 2012” Grassroots campaign.

The campaign runs for the next two weeks.  It’s simple:  Buy a Heart to Heart Groupon for $10, and that $10 helps to distribute one (1) Care Kit.  And you can buy more than one if you wish 😉

Groupon MobileYou can access the deal from your laptop or desk computer, or if you access Groupon from your mobile device check under Kansas City>Featured to find the deal.

Here’s a bit more about the effort:  Groupon Grassroots features worthy non-profits and charities, and 100% of money raised during campaign goes directly to the charitable organization.