Supplies Arrive, HHI Warmly Greeted in Cuba

A shipment of medicine and supplies are in Cuba, ready to be used by medical staff at a children’s hospital in Havana.  An HHI team just returned from there, seeing the supplies in-country and visiting the hospital where the items will be used to help treat sick children.

Havana Vieja 1

A street in Old Havana.


After months of coordination with government agencies in Cuba and the U.S. and some very exhaustive and meticulous work, a 40-foot container loaded with six tons of medical supplies and children’s items departed from HHI’s Operations Hub in October 2015 bound for a children’s hospital in Havana, Cuba.

After a couple of weeks in transit and a few more weeks working through the customs process, the supplies were brought to a warehouse in Havana, to await delivery to the William Soler Pediatric Hospital.

Supplies in Warehouse1

During the first week of December 2015, a team from HHI traveled to Havana, Cuba to ensure the product had arrived in good condition and to learn more about the on-the-ground logistics needed to handle this and future shipments.

The medicine and the supplies in this shipment were valued at nearly $350,000.  All of it provided by some of  HHI’s corporate sponsors BD, Midmark, AbbVie, Medtronic, Welch Allyn, Henry Schein and Johnson & Johnson.  Beyond medicine and medical equipment, this first container-load delivered diapers, coloring books and crayons, and child-sized blankets.  Everything in this first delivery were items requested and needed by medical staff at the pediatric hospital.



Aldo screenshotDr. Aldo Grandal Sosa oversees medical donations for the Department of International Relations in Cuba’s public health system.  He’s worked closely with HHI staff to ensure this first shipment went off without a hitch and contained the items desired by medical personnel to treat children.

Dr. Grandal Sosa says this new relationship with HHI “creates a great interchange between partners and creates opportunities for future donations, which is very important for our public health system.”




Soler Exterior1

William Soler Pediatric Hospital in Havana, Cuba.


In Cuba, the William Soler Pediatric Hospital is the top medical facility for ill children not just in Havana but across the island.  It’s also a teaching hospital, providing education and training for medical personnel. And according to the hospital’s chief of operations Dr. Mercedes Milan Jo, it’s a very busy place.

During the trip, the HHI team visited the hospital to meet with staff to discuss the shipment, further needs and to see where the medicine and supplies would be put to use.  Dr. Milan Jo reported the hospital is on pace this year to perform a record number of surgeries since the founding of the hospital 55 years ago.  The donation of supplies by HHI, especially items like surgical gloves, she said, will help reduce a long waiting list for surgeries.



This HHI shipment is not a one and done, rather it’s just the first under a two-year long arrangement.  A second and third shipment are already in the works, which is welcome news for parents whose children need regular medical care at Soler.

Otoniel ScreenshotTwo or three times a month, Otoniel Fernandez’ son receives treatment at William Soler because he has sickle cell anemia.  “We know we have very good doctors and nurses, but we need supplies,” Fernandez said. “It is very important that Heart to Heart come to Cuba and bring supplies for the hospital.”

These first supplies and those that follow will help to expand access to healthcare in Cuba and help children receive even better care.




Medical Supplies Depart for Cuba

Six tons of medicine, medical supplies, diapers, blankets, even coloring books and crayons have begun the journey from Kansas City to Havana, Cuba.

These supplies are going to the William Soler Pediatric Hospital – a children’s hospital in Havana.

Watch as the supplies are loaded at HHI’s Operations Hub.

From HHI’s Hub, this first container will go to a port in Florida for transport to Cuba. Then, once all the supplies have cleared customs, all of the humanitarian cargo will be delivered to the hospital to help medical staff treat sick children.

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This first shipment is valued at nearly $350,000.  And it’s thanks to several of our corporate sponsors and partners that helped make this happen.  Medical supplies and medicine from BD, Midmark, AbbVie, Medtronic, Welch Allyn, Henry Schein and Johnson & Johnson make up the bulk of this shipment.

Also, the blankets, coloring books and crayons are part of the J&J One Child, One Blanket project.  Under a partnership with J&J, these kits are assembled by HHI volunteers at the Hub and are shipped around the world and the US to children in shelters and in hospitals.