HHI Passes $100 Million Mark in Aid Shipped in 2015

HHI reached a significant moment in the third week of November – shipping $100 Million worth of medicine and medical supplies around the world in 2015.


For the fourth time in its history, Heart to Heart International has shipped $100 Million worth of aid and supplies to people in need around the world within one calendar year.

Throughout the year, HHI receives donations of medicine, medical aid and materials from corporate supporters and partners that allows us to expand access to healthcare and help people in crisis around the world.  The value and amount of these donations fluctuates each year due to a number of factors.  This calendar year is shaping up to be a big one.  We’ll know once all the numbers are tallied at the end of the year, but it’s looking like it could be a record-setting year for providing aid.

What makes this even more special – HHI moved warehouse operations to a new facility during the winter of 2015, greatly reducing the amount of aid we were able to ship during the months of January and February as the new Operations Hub was put in order.  Meaning, most of the work to reach this big number took place between March and November.

To give an example of just one week at the HHI Operations Hub, here are stats from a week in November:

Shipments: 14
Value of Aid & Supplies: $3,091,851.67
Countries: Six – Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Tanzania, United States, Uzbekistan

This achievement wouldn’t be possible without the combination of HHI staff, volunteers and corporate partners working together to make a true, positive impact and provide medicine and medical aid to those in need in the US and around the world.


*Many thanks to our friends at Children International and their communications coordinators who made the featured video

Typhoon Disaster Aid Reaches Children in the Philippines

In the wake of Super Typhoon Koppu (Lando) tearing through the Philippines in mid-October 2015 – Heart to Heart International provided relief aid and supplies to those who weathered the storm.  These pre-positioned supplies ensured a quick response in the hours after the storm had done its worst.

Care Kits PH 9

Typhoon Koppu, called Lando in the Phillipines, came ashore on the northern island of Luzon, October 18, 2015, packing winds of 115 miles per hour.  The storm dropped torrential rain as it slowed and lingered over Luzon causing mudslides and flash floods, washing away crops and overflowing rivers. Thousands were forced to flee to shelter, and lingering problems due to flooding remain.

The Philippines are one of the most natural disaster-prone locations on the planet.  Each year, dozens of tropical systems, including several typhoons (hurricanes), strike the Pacific island nation.  Some of these storms are devastating, like Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in late 2013 which prompted HHI’s largest disaster response to date.

Care Kits PH 19

During times of disaster, through generous support from FedEx, HHI is able to mobilize disaster response teams with the equipment they need for providing aid in crisis zones. This longterm partnership allows for HHI to ship tons of aid directly to those who need it most.  It’s critical to HHI’s ability to respond to help people in crisis.

The HHI Care Kits seen in these photos are in the hands of children due to a combination of support and partnership.  Working with FedEx, HHI prepositioned 5,000 Care Kits in the Philippines with our partner Convoy of Hope, a humanitarian organization.  Following the storm, these kits were then distributed by their disaster teams to children, families, and indviduals in several communities affected by Typhoon Koppu (Lando).

Care Kits PH 3


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HHI Ships 15 Tons of Relief Supplies to Nepal

While our medical team is in the mountains of Nepal treating survivors of the earthquake, our Operations Hub has been buzzing with activity as 15 tons of relief supplies have been gathered, stacked, pallet’ed and now picked up by FedEx for shipment to Nepal.

Watch the video to see our crew at The Hub in action!


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Medical Supplies to Help Thousands en route to Nepal

A very large amount of medicine and supplies is on the way to Nepal for our medical team to use to treat survivors of the earthquake.


Heart to Heart International is shipping an Interagency Emergency Health Kit – IEHK –  to our team on the ground in Nepal.  The IEHK was purchased from IMRES, a company based in the Netherlands, and is a prepackaged emergency medical kit with enough medicine and supplies to provide healthcare for up to 10,000 people for a period of three months. 

The IEHK for our Nepal Earthquake Relief is sponsored by FedEx, as well as our Medical Team’s mobile clinic equipment which will be arriving in Nepal shortly.  The IEHK is expected to arrive in Nepal Saturday, May 2, ready to be pulled off the pallets and delivered into the field.


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FedEx Delivers to Front Lines of Ebola Epidemic

Our long-standing relationship with FedEx is a rather special one.  For many years now, the company has helped Heart to Heart International deliver critically needed supplies around the world.
And again FedEx has come through – delivering more of our emergency Ebola supplies to front line health workers in West Africa.

FedEx Ebola Shipment1

As part of Operation Ebola – not only are we in the process of opening an Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia to combat the spread of the virus – we continue to ship supplies to our partners in Liberia who are also on the front lines of the hot zone.

This was featured recently in a story on the FedEx blog, showcasing how their team members provide a product and supply lifeline:

“FedEx leveraged its global network of logistics expertise to move the supplies by truck and by plane from the United States to Europe as part of a special donated shipment. From there, the shipment was moved to its final destination in Liberia.

FedEx is proud to be a part of this effort to help prevent the spread of the Ebola virus and to ensure those in need receive the proper medical care.  FedEx has long-standing relationships with relief organizations around the world. Through these relationships, FedEx is able to assist in situations like this to ship large amounts of supplies to those impacted the most.”

Read about another Heart to Heart shipment FedEx transported a couple of weeks ago to our partners and friends the International Medical Corps in Liberia.

FedEx Ebola Shipment2It’s awesome to see our supplies loaded onto a FedEx cargo plane bound for those in need!


At the Front End of the World’s Response to Ebola

Dr. Gary Morsch, founder of Heart to Heart International, is a member of HHI’s Advance Team in West Africa.  The team has gone to Liberia, the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak, to determine how HHI can respond further to stop this terrible virus.
What follows is an excerpt from Dr. Morsch’s journal, written as the team traveled in Liberia, meeting with other aid organizations and visiting Ebola treatment centers.

Gary in Liberia

Members of the HHI Advance Team, Dr. Gary Morsch (dark blue shirt) and Julie Hefner (with notebook), visit the ELWA Hospital and Ebola Treatment Center in Paynesville, a suburb of Monrovia, Liberia.


Gary Morsch, MD:  Once again, Heart to Heart International is responding to a global disaster.  But this crisis is unlike any other in modern times.  It’s Ebola, one of the world’s most dreaded diseases. Ebola means nearly certain death – a terrible, painful death, with profuse bleeding both internally and externally. That’s why it’s called Hemorrhagic Fever.  Though there have been sporadic outbreaks since the disease was first identified in 1976, this is by far, the largest outbreak of this virus in history.  Ebola, with mortality rates that can approach 90% and with no effective treatment or cure, is perhaps the most feared of all infectious diseases.

This unprecedented epidemic is located in a handful of West African countries, with Liberia taking the brunt of it.  To date, nearly 7,000 have been infected, and more than 3,000 have died.  Experts are panicking because the disease is growing exponentially, literally day by day, with fears that it could pass a point in which it would be unmanageable. The only hope is to get control of the Ebola epidemic quickly, and turn the tide before it gets out of control.

Why is HHI involved? It’s what we do. When there’s a significant crisis anywhere in the world, we ask ourselves if there is an effective and appropriate role that we can play. Our strengths are built on two pillars.

First, we have developed one of the most effective logistics systems in the world.  Because of our reputation for delivering high quality products to the most remote places on earth, pharmaceutical and medical companies donate about $100 million dollars of pharmaceuticals and supplies to HHI each year.  These are shipped in a timely manner primarily through our transportation partner, FedEx. In this current crisis, HHI has already shipped in 18 pallets of medical supplies that are being used to treat Ebola patients by our partners the International Medical Corps. More is about to leave our warehouse.

Our second strength is our network of volunteers, both medical and non-medical. This is part of why we’ve traveled to Liberia. In addition to the medicines and supplies we’re delivering, we are asking:  is there an opportunity to effectively and safely use medical volunteers in this current crisis?  We shall soon find out!



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Relief Airlift for the Philippines

Forklift 1FedEx, Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International have teamed up to deliver nearly 100 tons of material, medical aid and supplies to people suffering in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Our share of the aid – 88,700 pounds – left our Global Distribution Center Tuesday, November 19 and will be trucked to Los Angeles, loaded onto a FedEx MD-11 to fly to Cebu City in the central Philippines.

Read more about the Relief Airlift below:


MEMPHIS, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–  FedEx Corp. (FDX), Direct Relief and Heart to Heart International have teamed up to deliver more than $10 million worth of relief aid and medical supplies to communities across the typhoon-ravaged Philippines. The shipment, containing nearly 200,000 lbs. of both pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, is scheduled to depart from Los Angeles on Saturday, November 23.

“FedEx team members around the globe are committed to assisting with the recovery effort,” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman, president and CEO of FedEx Corp. “As we have done throughout our 40-year history, FedEx is using its global network and logistical expertise to connect non-profit organizations and their relief supplies to the communities most in need.”

The FedEx relationships with Heart to Heart International and Direct Relief date back to 1995 and 2003, respectively. Throughout the years, FedEx has activated its global network to deliver critical and life-saving support to lessen the pain and loss experienced by victims of natural disasters.

“With a disaster of this magnitude, it is imperative that Heart to Heart International rapidly respond with critically-needed aid and supplies,” said Krystal Barr, interim CEO, Heart to Heart International. “Our relationship with FedEx has made that possible for us to do around the world for nearly two decades, and now again for our Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) relief effort. Working with FedEx and with Direct Relief, we know we can make a positive impact for the people of the Philippines.”

The FedEx charter flight departing on Saturday will carry nearly 200,000 lbs. of relief supplies destined for communities in and around Cebu. Onboard cargo includes:

  • Personal care and hygiene items
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • First aid kits


Philippines Aid Rolls Out

CoH_first_shipment10One of the first shipments since Haiyan/Yolanda tore through the Philippines has now left our Global Distribution Center.  Heart to Heart Care Kits – 3,000+ pounds worth – were put on pallets, wrapped up and loaded onto a FedEx truck.  Check out more pics below…

Destination:  Convoy of Hope, one of our trusted partner organizations with personnel on the ground in the Philippines.  Once the shipment arrives in the Philippines, the Care Kits will be distributed to those in need.

This is just one of many shipments that will roll out of our GDC in the coming weeks and months to several different organizations who are working with us in the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda relief effort.

You can help with this effort.  Donate now to help continue our relief effort and to help HHI prepare for disasters like Haiyan/Yolanda.

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A Heart for Humanity

It’s a simple statement, but true.  Without our great partners, we couldn’t do what we do here at Heart to Heart International.

FedEx is one of those partners that makes it possible for us to connect people, and especially resources, to a world in need.  That’s why, as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we felt FedEx was more than deserving of the Heart for Humanity Award.

You can read more about how FedEx makes a huge humanitarian impact around the world by clicking here, or the article below.

FedEx will receive the award at The Heart to Heart Experience, October 26, 2012.  There are still tickets available for the evening.  We hope you can join us for the celebration.


Aid Ships to South Sudan

The aid shipment is on the way, with even more supplies than initially planned! This is all very good news.


If you’ve been following what Heart to Heart has been up to in recent weeks, you may be aware of our efforts to assist one of our partners, the International Medical Corps, in one of the most troubled spots on this globe.

We’re sending several thousand pounds of medical supplies and nearly a dozen Ready Relief Boxes™ to the IMC in South Sudan.  The IMC has been working for years in east-central Africa, long before South Sudan took its independence from The Sudan in July of 2011.  Due to decades of conflict, open warfare, tribal clashes, economic and political issues and food instabilities… there are thousands upon thousands of displaced people in the vast region.  The IMC is on the ground, doing what they can to help meet the medical needs of these populations, and Heart to Heart is doing what we can to help the IMC!

We are sending just under two tons of medicine, medical aid and supplies bundled onto seven pallets bound for Juba, South Sudan. In addition to the nearly four-thousand pounds of aid, we’re adding 10 Ready Relief Boxes™ to the shipment.  The contents of each of these “pharmacies in a box” can treat up to 500 people.

Getting the shipment there isn’t easy.  Sending anything into that region can be difficult.  Fortunately our global partner FedEx is on it.  One of their semis pulled up to the dock of our Global Distribution Center and we filled it up!  Next stop for the aid… halfway around the world.