Emergency Ebola Supplies Arrive in Liberia

Heart to Heart International’s shipment of emergency medical relief supplies to help fight the spread of Ebola has arrived in Liberia and is already being put to use by our partners the International Medical Corps.

IMC Liberia Supplies 1

International Medical Corps’ Ebola Treatment Unit in Bong County, Liberia receives donations from Heart to Heart International. Photo © International Medical Corps/Stuart J. Sia


The shipment originated in our Global Distribution Center in Kansas City – 18 pallets built by HHI staff and volunteers and filled with a variety of supplies like syringes, needles, sharps containers, gloves, masks, medical scrub brushes and more.  These are key items needed on the ground in the fight against the spread of Ebola and for medical care needs.
All of the items were donated by HHI’s corporate partners BD, Abbott, Johnson & Johnson and by one anonymous corporate donor.

IMC Supplies Liberia 2

Unloading a truck’s worth of supplies shipped by Heart to Heart International. Photo © International Medical Corps/Stuart J. Sia


IMC Supplies Liberia 3

Boxes filled with thousands of syringes provided by BD and shipped by Heart to Heart International are unloaded in Bong County, Liberia. Photo © International Medical Corps/Stuart J. Sia


The supplies were shipped via our global transportation partner FedEx – first by truck, then by plane, from the US to Europe and then down to Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa.

IMC Liberia Supplies 4

A member of the International Medical Corps surveys the delivery of critical medical supplies. Photo © International Medical Corps/Stuart J. Sia


IMC Liberia Supplies 5

Supplies are stacked in storage near IMC’s Ebola Treatment Unit. Photo © International Medical Corps/Stuart J. Sia


Once the supplies arrived in Liberia the International Medical Corps loaded them onto another truck and drove them several hours into the interior of Liberia to its storage facility at Cuttington University in Bong County, near its Ebola Treatment Unit.

IMC Liberia Supplies 6

HHI & the IMC working together to provide care and to meet the medical needs of the people of Liberia. Photo © International Medical Corps/Stuart J. Sia


So very glad that HHI can provide critical supplies to those on the front lines of the Ebola fight – and it’s great to see the efforts of so many, including donors & volunteers, making a difference where it’s needed most!


Family Volunteer Day

We’re rather fortunate at Heart to Heart that so many volunteers come out to help us at our Global Distribution Center.  Many times it’s school groups, Scouts, civic groups, religious institutions and of course individuals.  How about the families?

Today we kicked off something new for Summer — Family Volunteer Day! This will be a monthly event, held in the morning of the third Thursday of the month at our distribution center, during the Summer while the kids are out of school.

For this first Family Volunteer Day, two families came out to lend a hand. First they took a tour of the GDC to learn about our operations and to get an idea of just how much medicine and medical aid Heart to Heart handles and distributes through our global network.




From there, they got to work in our Care Kit assembly area.  Today, we needed individual items sorted; bandages counted out to 10 and sealed in a baggie and toothpaste taken out of the box.  Those toothpaste boxes then go into the recycling bin.




While they worked, we learned some of what brought these folk out to volunteer.  Alisha came with her son Ashton, a 6th grader.  She is a Family Medicine Resident and was looking for a way to put in some service hours. She said the Family Volunteer Day “is a nice introduction to what you do.”

Across the table sat Amy, along with her two sons George, 9, and Johnny, 7.  She also brought along a neighbor’s daughter, 12 year old Elisabeth.  Amy says they had planned to come volunteer with a school group earlier in the year but the scheduling didn’t work out.  So here they were!


George explained that he’s working on earning more community service hours, that are tabulated at his Blue Valley District school.  He’s up to 10 hours already and hopes to earn more than a bronze medal this school year. His thoughts on volunteering at the GDC: “It’s cool. I like all the flags.”