Rep. Sharice Davids tours HHI Global Headquarters

Rep. Sharice Davids talks with Kim Carroll, HHI CEO, at HHI’s Global Headquarters on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Representative Sharice Davids (KS03) toured the HHI Global Headquarters on Friday, May 3, 2019. HHI staff gave her an organizational history overview, including its beginnings in 1992 as an initial airlift to Moscow to provide medications for the empty shelves of the hospitals and orphanages – through its iteration as a nonprofit primarily focused on airlifts, delivering aid to many China, Vietnam, and many of the former Soviet republics – through its many disaster responses, including three simultaneous hurricanes in 2017 (Harvey, Irma and Maria) and the latest responses to Hurricanes Florence and Michael and to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique.

As Vice President of Operations Dan Neal explained how the millions of dollars of donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are processed and shipped out to clinics and organizations around the world through our warehouse, he emphasized HHI’s reliance on volunteers and the importance of those volunteers to the entire mission of HHI.

In the kit-building event space of PowrServ, Brian Sink described to Davids the necessity of hygiene kits in both disaster responses and after crises or humanitarian disasters. Sink explained that PowrServ, a program of Heart to Heart International, provides team-building events for corporations and other organizations and is able to give people meaningful and fun experiences while also helping those in need by providing those hygiene kits to Heart to Heart International.

The tour concluded with a look forward to the continuing programs of HHI and with an introduction by Jim Mitchum, EVP Strategic Development at HHI and CEO of RegaloRX, to the upcoming venture of RegaloRx, which will serve as a complement to HHI and provide jobs in the KC-area as well as medications to people in need throughout the U.S.

We are grateful to Representative Davids for taking time to learn more about our organization, and we look forward to working with all our elected government officials to continue to mission of improving healthcare to people in need.


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Heart to Heart Hosts Haiti Development Summit

Cascade PichonIt was remarkable really.

Momentous even, that so many representatives for so many different entities chose to come to Cascade Pichon, a place quite literally at the end of the road (picture above), in a far remote corner of Haiti, difficult to reach, to talk development and healthcare with Heart to Heart International… we’re all still a bit stunned that it actually happened. But we’re all very pleased too!

The purpose of the Summit was to jump-start all of the things that have been talked about & planned for this far-flung area of Haiti, to get as many groups and government ministries involved as possible, and to get them to Cascade Pichon.

Woman_1This is one of the areas where Heart to Heart has worked for three years to broaden access to healthcare for the citizens of Haiti. There’s a new Heart to Heart health clinic in Cascade Pichon where residents, seeking care, hike down from the mountains on foot to reach. We recently launched a five-week comprehensive Cholera response to aid and educate from here. And this is where we deploy not just Haitian doctors and nurses, but medical and non-medical volunteers to help us reach our goals.

And this is where dozens of people gathered, Thursday, April 4th, 2013 to talk about the future of healthcare for thousands of residents far off the beaten path in Haiti. It’s worth mentioning the date as we hope it serves as a milestone moment.

Both Heart to Heart and The Federation of Peasants of Pichon hosted the summit where government officials, NGO representatives and local leaders met to chiefly talk sustainable development.
For the Government of Haiti this was a Director level meeting and representatives of several GoH Ministries were on hand: Health, Tourism, Education, Environment, Planification (Economic Development).
And from Heart to Heart International both CEO Krystal Barr and CFO Bud Jeffress were in-country, and joined our Haitian staff of doctors, nurses and executive personnel.

The result from this historic summit? A commitment to improve the road to Cascade Pichon and invest more in the healthcare infrastructure of the area.
It’s not everything that needs to be done, but it’s a start. A good start.


What follows are photos from the Summit. Click any to begin a slideshow.