Share the LOVE

We want to Share The LOVE with you!  And with everyone who loves music and helping those in need.

The innovative company Soundfreaq has just released the LOVE version of its top-rated Sound Step Recharge, a do-it-all speaker with a radio, Bluetooth and an iPad/iPhone/iPod dock.  And it’s featured in beautiful Heart to Heart red!

And here’s the beauty in this:  For each one sold in Soundfreaq’s online store — $20 goes to Heart to Heart!

We are very excited at Heart to Heart about this new partnership, friendship, with the folks at Soundfreaq.

Everything we’ve seen about Soundfreaq shows them to be innovative, efficient, award-winning… Sounds like some organization we happen to know!

From their Facebook page:  Soundfreaq is a global co-op of craftsmen –- designers and engineers with deep expertise in consumer electronics and a passion for great sound. By working outside the limitations of a traditional corporate structure, we are able to develop products from the ground up that deliver premium sound for a wireless world.

So take some time to Share the LOVE for yourself, for your family and for those who we help in need all across this globe.