Dispatch From Henryville, Indiana

Want to update everyone on the happenings with Heart to Heart International and our disaster response in Henryville, Indiana.

It’s Monday afternoon, three days since we arrived on site, three and a half days after the EF-4 tornado tore through this southern Indiana town, not too far north of Louisville, KY.

We had snow overnight, a couple of inches. Thick wet snow that blanketed these communities, softening the jagged wreckage of the town if only for a while. There is damage here, plenty of it.  I was asked by a television crew for Indiana Public Media how this disaster ranks compared to others.  I told them it doesn’t compare, not for the people who live here.  For them, this is the big one.  This is their Joplin, their Alabama, their Katrina. This is their Henryville. This is their Marysville.

We at Heart to Heart are honored to be part of the relief effort.  Our Mobile Medical Unit is serving as Henryville’s only first aid station, medical clinic and vaccine dispensary all rolled into one. A Nurse Practitioner and nurses from the Clark County Health Department are staffing our unit, treating residents for a variety of ailments.

What is helping tremendously are 400 doses of Tetanus vaccine HHI volunteers brought in Sunday afternoon.  The vaccine comes from the Joplin Community ClinicTalk about Paying It Forward!!

And we’ve also been delivering Care Kits and water to surrounding shelters and communities.

Your gifts and donations are supporting this.  Here’s how you can continue to help:

  • Make an online donation
  • Text “HEART” to 27722 to make a $10 donation on your mobile phone
  • Mail checks to Heart to Heart’s office

The volunteer spirit is alive and thriving in southern Indiana and you sense resilience in the air despite what has happened.