Hike with Heart Trail Post – San Jacinto to Big Bear

San Jacinto 4 Nathaniel Farmer is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and posting along the way.  See all of the updates and photos from the trail and get a Hike with Heart shirt to support his effort.

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May 9, 2015

Nathaniel Farmer:   Since Idyllwild we’ve hiked through miles of 60 mph winds and arrived at Big Bear just before the snow.  So much for the nice Southern California weather you always hear about.  I have enjoyed the changes in the weather though.

San Jacinto 7We summited San Jacinto and hiked around our first patches of snow.  Then dropped back to the desert floor and then back into the mountains before arriving at Big Bear.  I’m starting to catch on to the fact that most of the time when hiking the PCT you’re either going up or downhill.  We hiked 26 miles yesterday to beat the snow.  That makes the most I’ve hiked in a single day so far.

San Jacinto 5

San Jacinto 1

We rested today and I’ve been fighting the battle of getting enough calories in my system.  With our packs full of food tomorrow morning my friend Victor and I take off for a hundred mile stretch to Wrightwood!

San Jacinto 6

San Jacinto 3 San Jacinto 2

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