Teachers Make the Grade with Moore Donations

So many people stepped up to help Heart to Heart International bring direct medical aid to the people of Moore, Oklahoma following the devastating EF-5 tornado.  From individuals; to small businesses & corporations; to groups like TeachersNotebook.com that donated $30,000 to Heart to Heart International.

tn logo First, a little background:  TeachersNotebook.com is a website for teachers to earn income by selling their original teaching resources such as lesson plans, worksheets, teaching guides and new & used materials.

When the folks at Teachers Notebook heard about what the tornado did in Moore, their first reaction was to figure out what to do to help.  They contacted their family of teacher shops to have them contribute products that would be sold on TeachersNotebook.com and money raised would be donated to Moore relief efforts.

“We had expected 20 – 30 teachers to contribute, but were overwhelmed by their response,” said Debbie Esemplare, Co-Founder, Teachers Notebook.

The response:  392 teachers donated 579 products worth $2,393 to the cause. That bundle was then in turn sold online and raised more than $91,000 for a handful of relief organizations. One third of that has already been donated to Heart to Heart International.
tn_banner“Through various connections, we were told about your organization,” said Steve Esemplare, Co-Founder, Teachers Notebook, “and were impressed with your quick response and the fantastic work that you are doing in Moore.”

Absolutely wonderful. Thank you, teachers.  And thank you, Teachers Notebook.  You all made a big difference for the people of Moore, Oklahoma.

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