More Aid for The Philippines

Haiyan by Satellite


The Philippines have been getting hammered this storm season with more than two dozen tropical storm systems, including four cyclones, of which the latest – Super Typhoon Haiyan – may be the biggest and strongest storm recorded on earth.

For the past several months, Heart to Heart International has shipped aid, medicine and supplies to partners in the Philippines, like Hope Worldwide & Convoy of Hope, who then distribute the aid where needed.  Of course, our friends on the ground asked for more assistance even before Haiyan made landfall.  Rest assured – more aid is on the way!

J&J Hygiene KitsInside our Global Distribution Center, relief supplies are prepped for shipping.  Pallets of Heart to Heart Care Kits, along with J&J Hygiene Kits are stacked ready for to go.

Also, volunteers have been busy building more of our Care Kits that will help resupply our dwindling stock.  On the same day Haiyan struck the Philippines, a group of volunteers from Sanofi were at the GDC busy building hundreds of our Care Kits.

We’re very grateful for volunteers like the folks above for helping us to not just be prepared, but to help HHI respond to those in need – like the folks suffering in the Philippines from yet another massive storm.