Thank you to Eddie and Carolee!

The idea of retirement brings a lot of things to mind – travel, relaxed schedules, time for hobbies. But, for Eddie Meyer and Carolee Yancey, retirement actually means working full time … as volunteers. Eddie, a military veteran, and Carolee, a former school secretary, now spend their days at the Heart to Heart International warehouse, where they oversee volunteer groups, process and sort items for hygiene kits, and set up and help run hygiene kit assembly events. We could not do what we do without the dedication of our volunteers, and Eddie and Carolee are two of our most dedicated.

To recognize their amazing commitment to their work, the volunteers they oversee, and the mission of Heart to Heart International, we declared September 12, 2019, Eddie and Carolee Appreciation Day.

Just a few of their amazing stats from 2019:

  • They coordinated and hosted 107 corporate and HHI non-hygiene-kit volunteer sessions.
  • They prepped and QC’d 85 Hygiene Kit Building Events (58 in our facility).
  • Through these events, they helped create hygiene kits 82,729, which include approximately 868,000 individual items.
  • They coordinated the events that assembled 6,000 blanket kits for children in need after disaster or in times of crisis.
  • They helped coordinate the necessary products for four U.S. events for Henry Schein that produced 10,750 Cancer Comfort Kits and 10,750 Cancer caregiver kits = 21,500 total kits.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Eddie and Carolee!

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