Heart to Heart International was founded May, 1992.

After touring several first-rate facilities and meeting many talented physicians, Dr. Morsch learned the hospital pharmacies were empty and doctors had no way to provide patients with life-saving medicines. Consequently, when he returned, he challenged his local Rotary Club to help provide medicines and medical supplies to hospitals around Moscow. Collection drives soon spread across Kansas City. Major pharmaceutical companies joined the effort by donating much-needed product. Even the U.S. government got involved by providing the largest Air Force cargo plane in its fleet to fly the medical aid to Russia.

Other Events in 1992

Disaster Relief: August 24 – Continuing to mobilize volunteers, Heart to Heart sends $60,000 and fills 47 train cars with 2 million pounds of medicines, food and supplies worth $4 million to deliver hope to victims of Hurricane Andrew in Florida and Louisiana.

Holidays in the Heartland – November – Benefit concert for Heart to Heart International featuring 300 area performers to raise money for the airlift to St. Petersburg

Albania: November – Heart to Heart sends 15 tons of baby food worth $60,000 to Albanian orphanages. This is right after the dictator died and Communism fell…..

Community Christmas Tree: Heart to Heart sends over 3,000 Christmas gifts worth $75,000 to children who are wards of the State of Kansas and Missouri.