Physicians With Heart is the longest standing partnership in which Heart to Heart International participates.

Since 1993 Physicians With Heart (PWH) has made 20 airlifts. PWH traveled to 12 countries in the Newly Independent States (former Soviet countries) and to Vietnam providing pharmaceuticals, medical instruments and supplies, and medical education focusing on family medicine. Physicians With Heart is a partnership of Heart to Heart International, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), and the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation. Our mission is to mobilize resources to improve health, to provide medical education and to foster the development of family medicine worldwide.

Other Events in 1993

Bulgaria: March – Heart to Heart sends medical aid and Hallmark toys worth $1 million to Bulgarian orphanages and hospitals.

Bosnia and Croatia: April – Heart to Heart sends 45 tons of medical aid worth $3.5 million to refugees of war.

The Great Flood: Spring and Summer – Heart to Heart sends 125 tons of relief worth $700,000 to victims in midwestern states; volunteers helped clean flood-ravaged areas.

St. Petersburg, Russia: October 10 – Heart to Heart sends 30 tons of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies worth $5 million to St. Petersburg, Russia.