Volunteer Spotlight: Vickie Trott

Volunteers are important for ALL of the work that Heart to Heart International does, and they allow us to accomplish far more than we would otherwise.  Volunteers provide support and expertise that the staff may not have and reduce the number of staff hours needed to accomplish a task. 

Vickie Trott is an example of someone who volunteered for Heart to Heart International in a different role than some might imagine as a traditional “volunteer” role.

Vickie began volunteering in July 2021 when she joined the Applause committee as an admin/project manager. Her experience with coordinating events and project management was key in helping keep the planning organized for Applause, Heart to Heart International’s inaugural fundraising event.

“Vickie jumped right in and offered to keep minutes for our committee meetings,” said Steve Hower, Corporate Relations Director for Heart to Heart International. “That helped me focus on running the meetings and also helped keep all the committees to-do lists in sync. She also helped keep track of expenses and budget.”

She helped host  the VIP reception and has offered to help pull all the components together into one document with feedback and ideas for next year’s Applause event. 

“All of her efforts and those of the other volunteers on the committee are vital to help ensure that the event was a success,” he said.

Let’s hear from Vickie herself …

Q&A with Vickie Trott

Why did you start volunteering with Heart to Heart International?

I was originally looking for a volunteer opportunity that was working in a group of people such as building hygiene kits. When I went to the volunteer application there was an opening for administrative work which is what I did before I retired. This led to me working on the committee planning the Applause 2021 Gala. 

What do you like about volunteering? 

I learned in more detail about the work that Heart to Heart does in disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and COVID-19 vaccinations. 

What is it about the Heart to Heart International’s cause that is inspiring?

It is a non-political non-religious organization that offers aid to those who need it.

What do you tell your friends/family about Heart to Heart International?

 I was especially impressed by Heart to Heart’s coordination of vaccination clinic volunteers in area counties. I was a volunteer through the country but worked with a number of Heart to Heart recruited volunteers at a clinic. 

As someone who cares about equitable healthcare access, you may be wondering how you can help. Whether you are able to jump in to fill an urgent need, or looking for a way to use your specific talents, the first step towards making a difference is reaching out and having a conversation. Volunteer needs at Heart to Heart International will vary depending on the time of year and current needs at the organization. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your interests and see how we can work together on the challenges on ensuring healthcare access in the U.S. and around the world. Find out more at hearttoheart.org/volunteer.

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