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Discover the Benefits of Giving Wisely

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With more than a million charities in the United States alone, there are many ways that you can allocate your charitable dollars. We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting Heart to Heart International. Since 1992, we’ve been dedicated to serving a world in need.

Did you know that it’s possible for you to make a gift in support of our mission while also ensuring you meet your needs for your lifetime and those of your loved ones? These giving techniques are called “planned gifts” because with a bit of easy planning, you, your family and HHI can all benefit.

Please take your time and learn about:

  • Gifts that cost you nothing out of pocket today
  • The benefits of joining HHI’s Legacy Society

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Our Legacy Society

Since our founding, individuals dedicated to our long-term success have set up planned gifts for our benefit.  Some donors included us as a beneficiary of their will, retirement plan (401(k), 403(b), IRA, etc.) or life insurance policy. Each of these individuals believed in our mission and wanted to be sure we could continue to thrive and grow into the future.

For this special group, we created The Legacy Society. The Legacy Society is open to all individuals who have named us in their long-term plans.

If you have strategic or long-term plans, please print & fill out a notification form so we may recognize you as a member of The Legacy Society.  Please return the form to:

The Legacy Society
c/o Heart to Heart International
PO Box 15566
Lenexa, Kansas 66285


Gifts Anyone Can Make

Some gifts do not have to cost you anything today but support our mission in the future.

Name Heart to Heart International as a beneficiary of your:

  • will or living trust
  • qualified retirement plan (IRA, 403(b), 401(k), etc.)
  • life insurance policy
  • donor-advised fund
See Sample gift and beneficiary language 

How it Works

  • Name Heart to Heart International in your will, codicil to your will, living trust or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, life insurance policy or donor-advised fund
  • Designate your gift for a particular purpose that is important to you, or allow us to use the gift where the need is greatest at the time it matures
  • Indicate a set amount, a percentage or the remaining balance to benefit our mission


  • Your assets remain in your control during your lifetime
  • You can modify your gift at any time to address changing circumstances
  • You can direct your gift to a particular purpose (be sure to check with us to make sure your gift can be used as intended)
  • Under current federal tax law there is no upper limit on the estate tax deduction for your charitable gifts

Important to Know

Tax Identification Number: 48-1108359
Legal Name: Heart to Heart International, Inc.
State of Business: Kansas

Contact Us

Have questions or want to know more? Send an email to or call us at 913-764-5200