With The Medical Brigades… (Part 2)

These thoughts and photos are from our recent trip to Honduras to spend time with our partners Global Brigades, and to see their operations first hand.  To read Part One, click here. Be sure to click on the photos below to see them full-size, and check out the gallery at the bottom for even more pics.

Day two of three with the Medical Brigades in Honduras found us with a group out of California, made up mostly of students from Cal State University-Bakersfield. And they, in turn, had found themselves working in one of the most picturesque locations in Honduras – the town of San Antonio De Oriente.

The village is perched on the side of a mountain, about an hour’s drive east from Tegucigalpa.  The houses are mostly uniform, squat single-story homes with terracotta tiled roofs. The roads are more like paths, paved with stones worn smooth over the many years by weather, human and animal foot traffic and the occasional auto.  Now, while each rock was smooth, they were by no means even with each other.  As a visitor, every step was a guess. They were quite steep too.



The most prominent feature in the village is a white-washed church, which stood out brilliantly under the high-elevation sunshine, against the green of the pine and banana trees, and set against the dun color of the dry-season mountainside.





As we saw the day before in Matasanos with the WVU Medical Brigade, the people were waiting.  Again using every bit of shade.  And again they waited patiently.  The clinic was held inside the town’s Centro De Salud, or Health Center.  While there is a building, healthcare for this and surrounding communities is intermittent and nowhere on the size and scope of what the Medical Brigades bring.



This time, due to the space and the layout of the town, the pharmacy was located in another building, behind and well above the clinic.  That’s where the Ready Relief Box was put to use.  It also afforded a gorgeous view of the town and surrounding landscape.




This clinic was run exactly as we saw the day before.  Efficiently.  Every person that came for care, got it. Pretty awesome to see.

In Part Three of With The Medical Brigades…, we’ll head into the Honduras countryside… for now, enjoy the gallery of photos below.




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