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When we're responding to a natural disaster to help people at home or abroad, leading doctors and nurses into the remote mountains of Haiti, developing lab services in safety-net clinics or shipping hundreds of tons of aid and supplies around the world - we are improving global health & expanding access to healthcare for those in need.

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Hygiene Kits Leaving Port of Elizabeth

The scene at the Port of Elizabeth last Friday was the perfect backdrop to World Humanitarian Day. Containers filled with emergency hygiene kits for Syrian refugees were being loaded onto a ship bound for Turkey, where they will be distributed by the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees (MFA) partner, Orient for Human Relief.This was the culmination of a successful collaboration by MFA, JDC, Heart to Heart International (HHI) — all MFA participating organizations — and 800 volunteers from all faiths...

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Hygiene Kits Leaving Port of Elizabeth


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HHI by the Numbers

18 Months HHI worked on the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina
$134.5 Million Value of Aid Shipped in 2015
$1.3 Billion Value of aid shipped worldwide since 1992