Hygiene Kit Assembly —
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Businesses and Organizations: schedule and sponsor a hygiene kit assembly event at our Lenexa, Kansas, headquarters

Hygiene kits are integral to Heart to Heart International’s (HHI) mission. Our interactive program for businesses and organizations will engage your group in a fun, meaningful, hands-on activity by assembling hygiene kits for those in need.


Sponsor Options for Hygiene Kit Events

We offer several event options, ranging from free to $5,000+. Have a look and choose what will work best for your group!

Contact us today to discuss the options, and let us plan your event at HHI!

To plan offsite and hybrid hygiene kit assembly opportunities, click here.

Hygiene Kit Onsite Event Options



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Event Formats

This dedicated event format is perfect for a group of at least 12 people.
Activities include prepping hygiene kit items and assembling hygiene supplies on an assembly line. Enjoy mingling and listening to music while building kits for a great cause.

Turn your event into a competition for no additional cost! Team performance is measured by completion time and kit quality—add team challenges to increase difficulty and promote camaraderie.

Virtual Trivia Add-On
Do you have members who cannot attend your in-person event? Get them involved virtually with trivia while they cheer for their colleagues who are assembling kits live on camera! This format requires an additional $250 fee. 


Teams and Testimonial

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