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Respond to the call.

Responder [rəˈspändər] noun
1) A person who reacts quickly or positively, takes action.
2) A member of Heart to Heart International’s monthly giving community who makes a difference around the world without leaving their home.

Your monthly gift is critical to our readiness to deliver life-saving medicines and humanitarian aid wherever and whenever they are needed.

Join Responders, Heart to Heart International’s monthly giving community.


Members of our Responders community are essential partners on our journey toward a healthier world. A gift of just $30 a month can help supply an under-resourced community clinic with crucial medicines, including antibiotics and high blood pressure medications, that families need to thrive.

Responders will be regularly updated on the impact of their monthly gifts, with in-depth content that highlights the lifesaving work they make possible. The investment of Responders helps build resilient communities to better prepare for disasters or crises.

Join Responders, and you’ll deliver health to people in need around the world without ever leaving your home.

Why become a Responder?

It's impactful

Because of Responders’ monthly gifts, HHI can deliver essential healthcare and medicine to those in need around the world!

It's sustainable

Because Responders’ gifts are consistent, HHI can depend on this predictable income providing strategic planning for sustained, impactful programming!

It's a community

Because as a member of Responders community, you are united with other donors also dedicated to the mission of improving health access. Together, you are responsible for funding everything we do!

Donate with confidence

You can donate with peace of mind, knowing you are contributing to an accredited, effective, fiscally responsible organization impacting vulnerable communities and those needing health access worldwide. Click to learn more.

Can I cancel my monthly donation? Yes, you can cancel anytime by clicking the link in your donation receipt and following the instructions provided, or contact Tracy Miller by email at or by phone at 913-320-6142.

Are my donations secure? Yes, we use industry-standard SSL technology to keep your information safe.

Are my donations tax-deductible? Your gifts are tax-deductible per local regulations, as we are a tax-exempt organization. We will send you receipts for all donations. Please keep the receipts as your official records to claim donations as tax deductions.

Are you a current recurring donor looking to update your contract or donation information? Please contact Tracy Miller by email at or by phone at 913-320-6142.

Do you prefer to mail us your donation information? Please download our monthly donation form:

monthly donation form

Respond to the call.