Point-of-Care Laboratories

on-the-spot testing and results

Many Americans delay medical care due to cost, transportation barriers and work commitments. Heart to Heart International (HHI) installs point-of-care laboratories in clinics to tackle these issues by providing quick, on-the-spot testing and results, enhancing diagnoses and patient outcomes. This testing is crucial for diagnosing and managing chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

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Point-of-Care Lab Testing Makes a Difference

Reduction of Barriers

With the installation of a point-of-care lab at a free health clinic, patients don’t have to take more time off work for lab services, make additional arrangements for transportation or pay extra fees for lab testing.

Higher Patient Engagement

More frequent testing at a patient’s health clinic promotes a higher level of engagement between the patients and their healthcare providers. It improves the likelihood a patient will follow clinical and treatment advice.

Efficient Process

Lab tests performed at the time of clinic visits allow for more efficient workflow processes, expeditious decision-making and a better treatment plan.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Immediate availability of results allows patients to be treated and on their way to recovery.


Timeline of POC Lab Program Growth

EOY23 HHI Labs USA Map and Timeline

HHI establishes point-of-care laboratories in U.S. health clinics serving under-resourced communities. The program’s aim is to improve patient outcomes by implementing timely and accurate treatment protocols. In partnership with key supporters, the program equips clinics with modern lab equipment, offers staff training, and provides supplies and reagents for the first 12 months. All installed equipment becomes the clinic’s permanent property.

Based on a recent assessment of the cost savings associated with POC testing in primary care, we estimate that $723,381 has been saved through the introduction of HHI-supported POC lab testing.

EOY23 HHI Impact Report_Historical Program

Testing at a free health clinic in an under-resourced community is crucial in assessing the potential for specific diseases. It aims to identify warning signs that may suggest a patient’s vulnerability to particular illnesses or health issues.

HHI Point-of-Care Lab Tests Offered:

• Hgb A1c (DCA Vantage analyzer)
• Lipid Profile (Cholestech analyzer)
• Hemoglobin (HemoCue analyzer)
• Urinalysis (Clinitek analyzer)
• Urine Microalbumin (Clinitek analyzer)
• Urine hCG (Henry Schein One Step)
• HIV 1/2 (Alere Determine)
• Hepatitis C Ab (Oraquick Orasure)
• INR (Coagucheck analyzer)
• Strep A (BD Veritor reader)
• Flu A/B (BD Veritor reader)
• RSV (BD Veritor reader)
• SARS-CoV-2 (BD Veritor reader)

HHI believes that point-of-care lab testing will help shape the future of personalized healthcare in under-resourced communities and provide a more equitable and sustainable healthcare future.

Growth Goals:

  • Expand access to additional free and charitable clinics throughout the U.S.
  • Continue structured evaluation of programs
  • Broaden funding partners
  • Expand outside of the U.S.

Outcome Goals:

  • Enhance quality care for under-resourced patients
  • Reduce barriers to healthcare access
  • Create definitive documentation and research on the impact of the program

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Watch this video to learn how point-of-care labs improve healthcare and ease the burdens of underserved patients.

Thank you to these HHI partners who help improve patient care through the installation of point-of-care lab testing.

Eversana Intouch
Henry Schein
The National Association of
Free & Charitable Clinics
The Wylie Foundation


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