Improving Access to Health

Heart to Heart International works every day to improve access to health throughout the United States and the world. Through HHI's work, people in need receive medications, direct medical care, hygiene supplies and medical supplies.

Our Mission

Heart to Heart International seeks to improve healthcare access in the U.S. and around the world by ensuring quality care is provided equitably in medically under-resourced communities and in disaster situations.

Our vision

We imagine a world in which every person has access to a healthy life and every community has the capacity to make that access a reality.

We believe that sustained access to health sets the foundation for individual and community development. In everything we do, we work to broaden access to healthcare services and build capacity for health. It’s a lofty vision, but we take a step closer to it every day through support from people like you. Invest in our efforts to create a healthier world today.

our values

What We Value



We are passionate about creating a healthier world. We vigorously mobilize as many volunteers, partners and donors as possible to make healthcare more accessible for all people. We will work relentlessly until everyone has access to a healthy life.



Equity in healthcare is dependent on creating space for a diverse set of voices to engage in this work. We strive to bring together a broad array of people, especially those who might otherwise be excluded.



Success is found in empowering communities to develop and maintain self-sufficient healthcare systems. We focus on helping communities move from the point of survival to the path of sustainability.



We know that we are stronger, more efficient and more effective when we work with others locally and globally to deliver on our vision of a healthier world. We leverage partnerships for greater results.



We are at our best when the need is at its greatest. We overcome challenges and obstacles by mobilizing our global network to find innovative solutions and efficiently deliver humanitarian services to a world in need. We make things happen.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are 100 percent committed to understanding, appreciating and serving diverse cultures and creating an inclusive workplace.

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Give the gift of health when you donate to Heart to Heart International. We are committed to improving healthcare access around the world. When you gift a donation to us, you’re sending ripples of health into the world that will improve multiple lives.