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IMAGINE A WORLD where essential medicines for life-threatening but treatable conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure are inaccessible. Sadly, this is the reality faced by countless people in communities around the globe. However, thanks to your dedication and our collaboration with vetted organizations, clinics and hospitals we are able to step in to bridge this gap.

The medicines we provide through our Access to Medicine program not only enhance the quality of life but also give people the chance to live with dignity. Every dose we deliver represents hope, healing and the opportunity for individuals to overcome health challenges that could otherwise be insurmountable. Join us to help save lives.


How our Access to Medicine program works

Receive Medical Aid

Heart to Heart International receives millions of dollars worth of medical donations from generous corporate donors into its 84,000-square-foot warehouse with cold-chain capabilities.

Distribute Medical Aid

HHI ships more than $225 million of medical aid to approximately 35 countries annually. The medicine and supplies sent match the specific needs of each underserved community or crisis.

Our Partner Network

Heart to Heart International staff works closely with partner organizations to access community needs, ship, and locally distribute necessary medicine and supplies.

Your Critical Role

Our Access to Medicine program relies on you, our donor. Your monetary gifts are essential to keep the flow of critical medicine and supplies in the hands of those who desperately need them.


Access to Medicine:
Making a Difference

SEIZE THIS MOMENT. With your support, we can reach even more underserved communities, providing them with the medications, supplies and equipment that can mean the difference between suffering and healing, between despair and hope.

Join us to help change lives, one medication, one syringe, one wheelchair at a time.