Kit Assembly Events


Would your company or organization like to make a big, positive impact in the health of others?

You can. Host an on-site Kit Assembly Event.

By hosting a Kit Assembly Event, you’ll be building teamwork and fostering camaraderie among your associates, peers and community AND you’ll be making a difference for people around the globe.  Each kit you make goes directly to one person in need.

Personal hygiene is a top need for people struggling with the unexpected loss of shelter, food and water due to disaster. Heart to Heart Kits provide a little bit of normalcy in a small bag for those who have suffered during a crisis.
Also, these hygiene kits offer that first line of defense against the spread of illness – a first step toward staying healthy!



Hosting a Kit Assembly Event is easy.  You start with a commitment to build a minimum of 500 Kits. 

From there, you will work with HHI’s new PowrServ division which will provide a turn-key project for you to hold at your company, your religious facility or elsewhere.

Events at your location start at $5,000.

The PowrServ team will:

  • Guide you through the entire process.
  • Purchase, collect and provide all materials to assemble Kits at your event.
  • Ship all materials to your location.
  • Provide a PowrServ staff member to be on-site to help set up and to provide instructions and quality guidelines.
  • Give you event collateral and digital materials – posters, handouts, pdfs – to help you spread the word and generate excitement internally.
  • If desired, can add a personalization on each Kit mentioning your company/group efforts.
  • Collect all Kits for shipment back to HHI’s Operations Hub for distribution to people in need!


The PowrServ team is ready to work with you to schedule and coordinate the best Kit Assembly Event ever!  Drop us an email to begin the process or visit


Host an event. You’ll have fun! You’ll build your team. You will make an Impact.