Support Team Efforts in Eswatini

Help the team make a difference

In partnership with Heart to Heart International (HHI), a team of BD associates recently traveled to the African country of Eswatini for a volunteer service trip to improve healthcare through nurse training and health clinic construction.

While some BD associates instructed nurses at rural clinics and a hospital, others helped to complete the construction of a new remote health clinic building.

Now, there is a chance for you to join this effort! BD will match employee donations of up to $10,000 for additional equipment and furnishings. This means your donation will be doubled and make twice the impact for the people of Eswatini.

Make an impact in Eswatini

Improve health access in this remote community

Add to your peers’ work through this matching gift challenge—help to equip the clinic with critical supplies and improve health access for people in this remote community!

Join us in making a difference today!