Philanthropic events

Hygiene Kit Assembly Events

Engage your company’s corporate giving or social responsibility program with Heart to Heart International’s team-building hygiene kit building program.

sponsored hygiene kit assembly events

Heart to Heart International can plan unique, philanthropic team-building events for your company or organization to engage participants with the hands-on or virtual activity of assembling hygiene kits.

Your sponsorship not only provides hygiene kits that meet the needs of people who have been impacted by a crisis or disaster, but also provides an engaging team-building experience for your employees or team.

Hygiene Kit Events

In-Person Event

Host an in-person event where your team will receive a hands-on experience assembling hygiene kits. An HHI representative will help customize the event for your needs and help handle all the details ensuring a successful event.

All hygiene kit items will be supplied and can even be shipped to your location. Onsite event management will help set up your space, facilitate the event, and ship out the completed hygiene kits.


In-Person Event Details


Your location, third party location, or Heart to Heart International HQ in Kansas City


4 – 5,000 people


Events in Kansas City begin at $4,500 Events outside Kansas City begin at $10,000

Hygiene Kit Events

Virtual Event

Engage your group in a competitive round of trivia while watching a livestream of a hygiene kit build. Teams will need to answer questions correctly as representatives build hygiene kits on their behalf. Participants can join from any location.

A representative will work with you to customize trivia questions and create a unique team-building experience.


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How it Works



We will work with you to plan all the details of the event.



We will facilitate your event from the beginning to end ensuring your team has an engaging, fun, and meaningful event.



Hygiene kits will be distributed to people in need around the world. Your team will be notified with all the details of where your hygiene kits were distributed.

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