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The global need can feel overwhelming, especially when disaster strikes or crises fill the headlines. We’re all in this together, and your support can make a real difference.

Will you join Heart to Heart International (HHI) in improving health for all?

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Together we give HOPE, one story at a time.

dar esperanza “give hope” | Spanish

Niruka, a single mother in the Dominican Republic, had to carry her sick 12-year-old daughter, Jarelin, everywhere she needed to go. Every step was a struggle, but then hope arrived. An HHI-donated wheelchair changed both of their lives. Now, Niruka can focus on her daughter’s health, not the physical burden of carrying her.

Hā awi mana’olana “give hope” | Hawaiian

From ashes rose a new purpose. When the Maui wildfires took everything from him, one man found more than healing at a medical clinic provided by HHI. Inspired by the kindness of the volunteer medical staff who cared for him, he felt a calling to give back. Now, with their help, he’s pursuing a career in medicine, determined to share the hope he received.

امنح الأمل “give hope” | Arabic

The earthquake shattered her world, leaving Rima, a widow in Syria, homeless and heartbroken. But amidst the rubble, hope emerged. Thanks to HHI, she received the life-saving medication she desperately needed but couldn’t afford. This free medicine restored not only her health but her spirit.

Подаруй Надію’ “give hope” | Ukrainian

War forced Anzhela and her family to flee across Ukraine, becoming refugees in their own land. Donated aid, including HHI hygiene kits, provided a comfort in chaos. Touched by the generosity she experienced, she found a new purpose: helping others. Anzhela now volunteers, distributing the very same aid and hope that once helped her own family.

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All donations are matched up to $35,000 through May 31.

The Big GIve