COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response Work

Heart to Heart International draws on experience to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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When COVID-19 emerged as a global pandemic, Heart to Heart International responded.

HHI reacted immediately to the needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting response efforts as the pandemic progressed and evolved.

Heart to Heart International
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COVID-19 Testing
PPE Distribution
Stay Healthy Kits

COVID-19 Testing

Testing played a key role in our efforts to contain and mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic and helped identify infected individuals and prevent further spread.

HHI launched a colossal effort to combat COVID-19 at its onset. By March of 2021, we had administered more than 15,000 tests at 163 testing sites and engaged 65 community partners throughout Greater Kansas City.

PPE Distribution

HHI delivers millions of individual PPE items throughout the United States and the world.

These shipments, which have included medicines and medical supplies including n95 masks, patient masks, face shields, gowns, sanitizing wipes, sanitizer and gloves, are used by frontline healthcare workers at hospitals, healthcare clinics, pharmacies and more.

Hygiene Kits

Infection prevention and good hygiene are critical during the COVID-19 global pandemic, especially in vulnerable communities.

HHI delivered tens of thousands of kits of hygiene supplies to specifically combat the COVID-19 pandemic to food banks, homeless assistance groups, nursing homes, public safety organizations, school districts, and more throughout the United States


HHI partnered with local community groups and governmental organizations to target underserved populations and groups with the most barriers to access vaccinations.

Once vaccines became available, we received outside funding, which allows us to travel throughout Kansas and Missouri providing vaccines in areas of need. Within a year, we worked alongside nearly 100 new partnerships and held more than 150 vaccine events. As 2021 came to an end, HHI had administered almost 11,000 shots in arms. Additionally, our continued efforts also include offering educational support and materials to partners specifically addressing those hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine.

See our upcoming vaccination events.

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