Sudan in Crisis: HHI Responds

Photo via Sudanese American Physicians Association – SAPA

Millions in Sudan are facing a devastating humanitarian crisis. Since April 2023, violent conflict has displaced nearly nine million people, leaving families struggling for basic necessities. This conflict has compounded existing challenges like food insecurity, disease outbreaks and economic instability. Half of Sudan’s population, roughly 25 million people, require humanitarian assistance.

Climate Change Adds Another Layer of Difficulty:

The crisis is further complicated by extreme weather events linked to climate change. Floods and droughts have destroyed crops and livestock, worsening food insecurity for countless families.

Urgent Needs:

The people of Sudan urgently need clean water, food, shelter, medical care and basic hygiene supplies. Food scarcity is a major concern, with nearly 18 million people facing acute hunger. The healthcare system has also been severely impacted, with many hospitals in conflict zones no longer functioning.

HHI’s Response:

Heart to Heart International is committed to helping those affected by this crisis. We are currently working with the Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA), a healthcare nonprofit focused on Sudan, and Flexport, a transportation company, to send 18,000 hygiene kits to Sudan. These essential supplies will help to promote sanitation and prevent the spread of disease amongst displaced populations.

How You Can Help

The needs in Sudan are immense. Your donation, no matter the size, can make a real difference in the lives of those struggling to survive.