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Volunteers help keep Heart to Heart International running smoothly and offer their expertise to make us even better at what we do. Local volunteers serve in a variety of capacities from reception and administrative to nursing and logistical.

Do you want to make a difference in your own community and the world without leaving the KC-metro? Consider our local volunteer opportunities.

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Local medical volunteer opportunities

Product Sorting
Community Health

This volunteer role involves sorting donated goods with great attention to detail, following specific instructions for fine sorting, and helping organize products to offer them to partner organizations that serve communities in need. Volunteers are responsible for sorting full case items into designated categories and keeping an eye out for requested items to pull and set aside as directed by the lead volunteer or warehouse personnel. This role involves repetitive movements, lifting, and bending. Volunteers may be trained on using a pallet jack, but this is not required. Overall, the volunteer will ensure that donated goods are organized and ready to be distributed to those in need.

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A medical license is required to administer vaccines.

Community Health Programs at HHI provide community health outreach and assistance for Kansas City-area community-based and partner organizations. Focused on underserved, underfunded, and underrepresented populations in the greater metropolitan area, we support, augment, and amplify local partners’ healthcare efforts to build capacity where healthcare is underfunded and/or interrupted. Volunteers provide medical support for vaccinating and can be trained to help with point-of-care testing services.

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Local non-medical volunteer opportunities

Hygiene Kit Support
Front Desk
Local Fleet Driver
Volunteer Mobile Medical Unit/Driver Operators (MMU/DO

Hygiene Kits contain essential hygiene items to help people in need and reduce/prevent the spread of disease after a disaster or crisis. Our Hygiene Kit program facilitates the assembly and distribution of personal hygiene kits through its partners throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Volunteers support this in many ways. This includes assembling kits, prepping for kit-building events, working on quality control, and serving as event leaders and facilitators!

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The volunteer front desk role involves greeting visitors and providing them with information about the organization. This role is vital in creating a welcoming and positive first impression for visitors and ensuring the organization’s smooth operation. Volunteers in this role are responsible for answering phone calls, directing visitors to the appropriate areas of the building, and providing general administrative support to departments throughout Heart to Heart International. They must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to multitask. Additionally, basic computer skills are required.

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Local Fleet Driver Volunteers are essential to HHI. Volunteers in this role should be comfortable with deliveries, transporting HHI vehicles for maintenance or repair, and may be asked to perform other vehicle-related duties. These drivers differ from DRT drivers as they will not be asked to respond to disaster situations. HHI aims to maintain a roster of 4-6 Local Fleet Drivers. Training is provided for volunteers interested in this role, as they will be driving HHI vehicles.

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Volunteer Mobile Medical Unit/Driver Operators (MMU/DO) are essential to most domestic HHI Disaster Response Teams (DRT). The MMU/DO must be prepared to deploy within 6 hours of being notified that HHI is deploying a DRT. Without a qualified MMU/DO, HHI may be unable to deploy a DRT to a domestic location impacted by a disaster. Training is provided for volunteers interested in this role.

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