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Volunteers help keep Heart to Heart International running smoothly and offer their expertise to make us even better at what we do. Local volunteers serve in a variety of capacities from reception and administrative to nursing and logistical.

Do you want to make a difference in your own community and the world without leaving the KC-metro? Consider our local volunteer opportunities.

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Local medical volunteer opportunities

Product Sorting
Vaccination Events (medical)
  • Fine sort of Anonymous Donor goods as directed.
  • Sort full case items into designated categories.
  • Be watchful for requested items to pull and set aside as directed by the lead volunteer or warehouse personnel.
  • Stack and count cases on container size pallets 82-87 inches tall.
  • Weigh, measure, wrap, and record finished pallets as needed.
  • Engage in specialized sorting as requested by the Director of Warehouse Operations as needed for special projects.
  • Operate a manual pallet jack.
  • Assist as needed to train and aid with other groups coming in to sort.
  • Train and follow appropriate SOPs.

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Medical license required to administer vaccines.

  • Accurately draw vaccine into a syringe from a multi-dose vial using sterile technique
  • Double check dosage and screening information for completeness and accuracy
  • Follow protocols to provide each client with the vaccination via intermuscular injection
  • Properly dispose of sharps and medical waste
  • Record the drug name and lot number on the appropriate form
  • Provide observation for required period of time for those who have received vaccine (one nurse per shift)
  • Provide client with medication information or vaccine information sheet as needed
  • Answer client questions regarding the vaccine
  • Interact with a high-volume of individuals in a clinical setting

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  • Complete POC laboratory-specific training under the guidance of the Heart to Heart JayDoc volunteer coordinator.
  • Conduct laboratory testing in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices.
  • Be available as a resource, providing technical support to CLS and medical students as needed.
  • Provide training for POC laboratory procedures and specimen collection, as needed, in collaboration with clinic leadership.
  • Ensure adherence to appropriate quality assurance activities including maintenance, quality control, reporting and record keeping.
  • Reinforce environmental and biosafety practices within the laboratory

Find out more and apply:

JayDoc Lab Application

JayDoc Phlebotomy Application

Local non-medical volunteer opportunities

Hygiene Kit Support
Front Desk
Vaccination Events (Logistics)
  •  Prepare items for assembly, to include folding hand towels, folding washcloths, labeling bags and making boxes
  • Assemble hygiene kits, to include filling kit bags, sealing kit bags, filling boxes and stacking kit boxes on pallets
  • Depalletize kit items and event supplies from pallets and move to event space
  • Set up event space with appropriate table and chair configuration, as needed
  • Establish preparation stations (hand towel folding, washcloth folding, box-making…)
  • Prepare assembly line(s) with seeded bins, outer bags, boxes and table labels
  • Establish event signage as warranted
  • When facilitating an event, ensure all parties in assigned area are engaged, trained, bins are replenished regularly, pictures are taken and hygiene kits are built in a quality fashion
  • Participate in event tear-down activity, to include preparing items for shipment, cleaning and organizing the event space
  • Travel to and from event venues as assignments warrant

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  • Provide a warm welcome to HHI guests at both the main entrance and north door volunteer entrance.
  • Ensure each visitor signs in via the appropriate method (paper sign in or Volgistics for volunteers).
  • Answer phones and direct callers to the requested person, answer questions as necessary.
  • Assist with various projects to help with the overall mission of HHI. Projects could include prep work for hygiene kits, writing thank you notes, prepping for events, filing paperwork, sorting materials, etc.

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Administrative Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities from reception to professional skills.

Those with professional skills generally work on a project basis.

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The following is an example of the types of roles volunteers may be asked to fill:

  • Greeter: Welcome and interact with members of the public, perform an initial review of registration and appointment documentation.
  • Forms Table: Assist individuals in filling out forms if not already complete, direct individuals to the next station
  • Check-In: perform final review of registration documentation to ensure each person presenting for vaccine has appropriate documents, provide info sheets, direct to next station
  • Check-Out: issue vaccination card to vaccine recipient, provide information on next steps if individual received first does
  • Foot Traffic Direction: advise individuals where to move throughout the clinic, keep people moving to ensure efficient processes through the clinic site, direct individuals to vaccine stations
  • Parking Attendant: direct traffic in and out of parking areas

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